From Indore to Global Success: The Rise of Shivang Bakliwali, Digital Marketing Expertise, and Founder of Bluetick Consultants.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve and grow, so does the need for effective and strategic digital marketing. The speed and accessibility of the internet have opened up new opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers and audience on a global scale. As a result, the demand for digital marketing experts has skyrocketed, and young entrepreneurs like Shivang Bakliwal have taken full advantage of this trend.

Born on 22nd March 1992 in Indore, a small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, Shivang Bakliwal was always a driven and motivated individual. He pursued his studies at Nirma University in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and completed his education with a degree in Chemical Engineering. However, Shivang’s true passion lay in the digital world, and he soon realized that his career aspirations lay elsewhere.

Upon graduation, Shivang Bakliwal took up a job as a Digital Marketing Executive at a well-known marketing agency in Mumbai. It was here where he learned the intricacies of the digital world and honed his skills as a digital marketing expert. After two years of working in the industry, he identified a gap in the market for personalized and efficient digital marketing strategies. And thus, Bluetick Consultants was born.

Bluetick Consultants was founded by Shivang Bakliwal in 2016. It is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating customized solutions for various businesses. The company is based in Mumbai, India, and has since gained recognition for its exceptional services. It has worked with several prominent clients such as CrTYPO Gabbar, Spiffy, Urva, and Shaw real estate, to name a few.

Shivang Bakliwali’s expertise in digital marketing and an innate understanding of the market’s changing dynamics has enabled him to deliver results for his clients consistently. His strategies have allowed businesses to reach their target audience and engage with them meaningfully. Bluetick Consultants has helped businesses develop their brand identity, narrow their target audience, and create a content strategy that resonates with their audience.

The agency’s client-focused strategy is what sets it apart from the competition. Shivang Bakliwal works closely with each business, learning what sets them apart and creating effective digital marketing plans accordingly. The digital marketing industry is highly competitive, and companies often misuse the available resources, causing campaigns to fall short. Shivang’s approach, however, is backed by extensive research and analysis, and he goes the extra mile to ensure his client’s campaigns are successful.
His ability to identify market gaps and provide customized solutions is impressive, and his dedication to his clients is unmatched. Shivang Bakliwali is a rising star in the digital marketing industry, and his story is proof that with commitment and initiative, anyone can achieve their goals and make a significant impact.


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