MARWADI VIEWS’ Spectacular Rajasthani Cultural Extravaganza Enthralls Jalore District: Devhari Seervi’s Poetic Brilliance Steals the Show!

The crowd showed great enthusiasm in the Rajasthani cultural programs organized by MARWADI VIEWS”in Jalore district of Rajasthan.
Famous artists and poets of Rajasthan performed in the program.
Famous stage producer of the country “Shri Om Ji Acharya” and budding writer “Shri Devhari Seervi” were also present.
Om Acharya congratulated Devhari Seervi ji on the success of his book “Jashn-e-Mohabbat” and welcomed him to inspire children so that the interesting poems and compositions of the young generation remain interesting.
In the presence of Mr. Anil Ji Sharma, Founder of VI Radio 90.8
The patriotic songs and religious verses of the young poet Devhari filled the city of Jalore with enthusiasm and excitement.
In which some lines are present –
-Na Nar Mein Koi Ram bacha hai, Na Nari Mein Koi Sita
-Na Dhara bachane Khatir Vish Koi sankarta Pita.
-Na Dharm Adharm per Krishna Jaisa Gyan Koi Nahin deta
-Na hi Tejaji Jaisa Gau Bhakt koi hota
-NA Harishchandra ke jaise Satya ko Sahan karta.


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