Meet Iqbal Sandhu a Punjabi singer & composer of Punjabi music industry

Shine and sparkle in the world with your talent is what has enthused and motivated Iqbal Sandhu to lead the entertainment industry. With his amazing and stunning ability, he is overpoweringly recognized as the best Composer around the world. Iqbal Sandhu the iconic personality is emerging as a role model for various youths. He has passed the message of love and harmony through his singing capability.

Deeply in love with music Iqbal Sandhu finds his purpose in life to live life for his passion that has led him to shine in the victory cloud. His enthusiasm and his creativity have sparked the music industry with incomparable talent.

Meet one such rising star of the music world who has established his unique place in the industry and enormous people’s hearts with his pro music craft — Iqbal Sandhu. The young talent of the music world has captivated the industry and listeners with his unique musical creations. Iqbal Sandhu always dreamt of launching himself in the music industry. For which he refined his talent to master his art and skills.

The sheer hard work, determination, devotion, and continual performance were his assets in his success journey. Music director, singer, and songwriter Iqbal Sandhu resides in India. In 2021 he came out with the song Don’t Silent and 2022 out with the song Shooter which was a huge hit and made him famous. He started his singing carrier with songs like HUSAN Album 8 song.

Iqbal Sandhu was born on 1990 in tibbi, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India. It is with great sadness that I have to say that his sins are no more in this world. Iqbal has always been fascinated by music since he was a child. To chase his passion,

Artist like Iqbal Sandhu  takes ahead the heritage of creating a master of music artists that empties heaven into millions of people’s life. He is an inspiration to the upcoming talent of the music world. For which he says — “nothing seems impossible if you have passion and love for your work.” As an artist, Iqbal Sandhu  is growing tremendously with the love and support of his massive fans and millions of audiences.


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