Newly Formed Committee of Goa Roll Ball Association Meets Goa Sports Minister and Chief Minister, Paving the Way for a Promising Future

In a remarkable display of unity and ambition, the recently established committee of the Goa Roll Ball Association embarked on its first official engagement by paying a courtesy visit to the distinguished Sports Minister and Chief Minister of Goa. Led by President Tapan Acharya, Secretary Anil Gaonkar, and Treasurer Brahmanand Gaonkar, accompanied by the esteemed Goa Committee Advisor and Mentor, Padma Shri Brahmananda Sankhwalkar, along with Vice President Durgadas Gawde and Convenor Rohit Khandekar, the entire executive committee seized this opportunity to solidify their commitment to the sport.

During this historic visit, the committee members, including Divakar Gaonkar, Vivekanand Naik, Rajendra Shirodkar, and Shankar Kiralaparkar, demonstrated their unwavering dedication towards promoting and developing Roll Ball in the state of Goa. The presence of these enthusiastic individuals underlined the collective determination to elevate the sport and propel it to new heights.

The meeting with the esteemed Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod P. Sawant, and the Sports Minister of Goa, Govind Gaude, was a significant milestone for the newly appointed President of the Roll Ball Association of Goa, Tapan Acharya. The unanimous appointment of Acharya as the President symbolizes the trust placed in his leadership and vision for the future of Roll Ball in the region. This courtesy visit provided the committee with an ideal opportunity to express their gratitude and discuss their plans for the advancement of the sport.

Roll Ball, known for its fast-paced and dynamic nature, has recently gained recognition as a part of the National Games, evoking immense pride among players and enthusiasts. The Goa Roll Ball Association is now poised to make substantial contributions to the growth and development of Roll Ball, not only within the state but also on a national level.

The committee members expressed their unwavering enthusiasm to actively participate in the #rollball movement and contribute to broader conversations surrounding sports, national games, fitness, and the Fit India initiative. The association aims to be at the forefront of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through Roll Ball, aligning themselves with the national agenda of fostering physical well-being.

President Tapan Acharya, an influential figure in the world of Roll Ball, brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise. Under his guidance, the association envisions implementing effective strategies to bolster the sport’s popularity, nurture local talent, and provide a platform for athletes to shine on the national stage.

Padma Shri Brahmananda Sankhwalkar, a revered mentor and advisor to the committee, is a testament to their commitment to excellence. Sankhwalkar’s presence ensures that the association will benefit from his profound knowledge and invaluable guidance, elevating the standards of Roll Ball in the state of Goa.

The Goa Roll Ball Association encourages individuals and organizations to join hands in supporting this transformative sport. By leveraging the collective passion, expertise, and resources, the association strives to create a vibrant and inclusive Roll Ball community, nurturing talent from grassroots to professional levels.

About the Goa Roll Ball Association

The Goa Roll Ball Association is a newly formed organization dedicated to promoting, developing, and nurturing the sport of Roll Ball in the state of Goa. Comprising a passionate and committed executive committee, along with the guidance of esteemed mentors and advisors, the association aspires to raise the profile of Roll Ball and make significant contributions to the growth of sports in the region


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