Philip Joseph is a travel enthusiast and has been travelling around the world.

Philip Joseph is a traveler and photographer. He started traveling since he was 20 years old and have travelled to more than 40 over countries.

Passion is a great thing. When someone is fervent about something, great things come across your way. Philip Joseph is a known name who has achieved various milestones in life at a very young age because of his talent and passion.

He have also worked in many countries and this has jump start his intense interest in capturing different types of element in photography in terms of places ; people; nature and unique patterns or items .

His photography images are self taught and  have ambition to become a unique photography contributor for a magazine  or column one day.

It is always delightful to know and learn about all those people who make sure to put their finest foot forward when it comes to doing the better for the people of our country. Some are only conversationalists, while some others are action-takers and making his mark in the latter category effortlessly is traveller Philip Joseph, a man who exudes passion, commitment and determination, in his quest to work for our country and its development. He has been influencing & working for change in society, with the great intent to transform people’s lives for the better.

Philip Joseph is a leading expert in the telecommunications industry. He  Explore and learn from my experience and as well photography fanatic.

He want to be a good photographer. He roam around the world and capture the picture of good things in his camera, His passion is to roam around the world and make people aware. He has a lot of fans on his Instagram. PhilipJoseph is an inspiration for young people.





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