Zorawar Gill : The Upcoming Music Artist Talk About His Music Journey & Struggles

Zorawar Gill started his career in 2010. He’s a young artist who’s really passionate about music. According to him, music is an art form for expressing your feelings. It was in 2012 that he made his debut, and the song was popularly known as “Struggle,” which people really liked, and this was a reinforcement for him that made him sing more. It was through this song that Zorawar got to do more than 200 live concerts in different parts of India. This is what gave him the motivation to take out new kinds of music for people to make them happy and never let them down. People gave him the stage name Zorawar Gill.

Though he gained so much popularity from the kinds of songs he made and the way he did his work, Zorawar didn’t forget his initial roots, for which people love him a lot. When asked about how he feels being where he is today, Zorawar Gill replied, “I would like to thank each and everyone who have always been there for me.” I’ll always be grateful for where I am today. “I’ll just say that I can never forget the ones who helped me become what I am today.”

It was then that his first commercial song, Narrow Suit, got released, which really touched the peak and crossed 3 million views, which really got him the real fame. 
It’s now that in 2023 he’s going to release his first song of the year with Navya Varma, a girl from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh as well. She’s a young artist who is very passionate about her work, and Zorawar feels blessed to work with her in Chann Wargi. The song is soon going to be released with its official music video. This beautifully sung song, sung by Zorawar Gill, had its shooting done in Chandigarh and Shimla.


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