All India Networks Welfare Association Meeting Unites Networkers for a Brighter Future

On the 29th of August, the Green Coconut Resort in Chennai bore witness to an important event in the world of network marketing. The All India Networks Welfare Association (AINWA) held its annual meeting, bringing together influential figures in the industry. Led by Mr. Manoharan, the All India President, and Pintu Bajaj, the All India Secretary, the meeting aimed to address critical issues facing networkers in India. This article explores the highlights of this significant gathering.

Setting the Stage

Mr. Manjunath, the All India Coordinator, and Mr. Babu Raj, the Vice President All India, were instrumental in organizing the meeting. With a clear agenda in mind, the association was determined to foster a structural framework for committees in every state, complete with comprehensive policies and procedures.

The Meeting’s Progression

The meeting commenced at 11:30 AM under Mr. Manjunath’s guidance. He set the tone for the event, emphasizing the importance of unity and cooperation among networkers. Mr. Manoharan, the All India President, then delivered an inspiring speech, highlighting the association’s commitment to aiding networkers and supporting their legitimate business endeavors.

Legal Norms and Advocacy

Mr. Pintu Bajaj, the All India Secretary, brought to the forefront the issue of networkers facing legal challenges due to unfavorable activities. He stressed the need for legal advocacy and support to protect networkers who found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Mr. Babu Raj echoed similar sentiments and called for solidarity among networkers to protest against the arrest of their peers and to prevent any unlawful activities within the network.

The Role of AINWA

AINWA, under the leadership of Mr. Manoharan, was founded with the core mission of assisting networkers and ensuring they could conduct their businesses within the bounds of legality and ethics. This association has become a lifeline for many networkers across the country, offering them guidance, support, and advocacy when needed most.

Closing Remarks

As the meeting drew to a close, Mr. Rajeshkannan, the All India Joint Secretary, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to all participants for their active engagement in the proceedings. The event’s success was undoubtedly due to the collective efforts and commitment of the attendees.

Meeting Participants

Meeting participants:

 1.J.Gopala Krishan,       (Coimbatore)

2. K. Sethu Raman (Coimbatore)

3. S. Manju Nath (Coimbatore)

4.Baburaj, (Coimbatore)

5. Ashok Kumar (ooty)

6. Anandan (ooty)

7. Narendhar Dudhagare, (Surat)

8. Nadhan (chennai)

9. Sam. (Chennai)

10. Sanjay Patel, (Surat)

11. Sanjay Roy, (NewDelhi)

12.Suresh Malik, (NewDelhi)

13. Kamlesh, (Surat)

14. Kethan (Surat)

15. Mehul. (Surat)

16. Manish Kapoor (NewDelhi)

17. Vikram Kaicker (NewDelhi)

18. Vijay Vinayagam (Trichy)

19. Ranjangam (Trichy)

20.Abdul Rahman (Trichy)

21. Rajashekar (Trichy)

22.Lal.  (Nagarcoil)

23. Shiva,   (Coimbatore)

24.Ashok Raj.     , (Ooty)

25. Mani Kandan.  (Ooty)

26.S. Govindhan, (Coimbatore)

27. Dhilip Kumar (Karur)

28. D. Vasu Dev, (Coimbatore)

29. Naveen (Tirunelveli)

30. Santhosh (Coimbatore)

31. Navaneedhan (Dindugal)

32. Aadhish (Tutigorion)

33. Muthuram (Chennai)

34. Sodham (Karur)

35. Arun kumar(chennai)






41. Deepak(chennai)


43.R.Rajesh kannan


The All India Networks Welfare Association’s meeting on August 29th, 2023, was a significant milestone for networkers in India. With a clear agenda and passionate leadership, the association aims to provide a structured framework, legal support, and advocacy for networkers across the country. As they work together, AINWA and its dedicated members are forging a path towards a more secure and prosperous future for all networkers in India.


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