Parikshit Gosain Started his Modelling Career in 2005 and Due to his Charming Personality and Photogenic face  he has worked with recognised people and been fortunate enough to get good work in this sector along with TV Ads & Prints of Major big brands :MG HECTOR, COLGATE, GOOD KNIGHT, ICICI BANK, TVS SCOOTY WITH AMITABH BACHANMC DOWELLS NO 1 SODA WITH M.S DHONI,  CATCH MASALA WITH VIDYA BALAN, NATURE FRESH OIL, UBER , LG REFRIGERATOR,POWER VITA, ITC HOTELS,BOPARAI, HONDA AMAZE , ISAAF FINANCIALS & MANY MORE BIG BRANDS.

Parikshit Gosain Did More than 300+ TV ad Commercials in the Past  years along with Few Bollywood Movies CHENNAI EXPRESS- Starring Shahrukh Khan ( 2013 ),  OYE LUCKY LUCKY OYE ( 2008 ), MOTI AANKH ( 2022 ), CALENDER GIRL (2015), SHAADI KE SIDE EFFECTS (2014)

After Doing Lots of Print Commercials & Tv ads now he his all set to debut his entry To Bollywood with his 1st feature film as main lead ZINDAA which is being Directed by Jitender Singh Noul ( Jatin Noul ) .

In an interview Parikshit Gosain Told that Zindaa is a Challenging  Character where it will different shades of a human being , he is preparing for the role both physically & mentally as this movie demands Action . Film is going to have some more Bollywood film stars which will be declared in other upcoming articles . He is working hard on his muscles as well for the challenges in the role . Director Jitender Singh Noul said that he couldn’t think of anybody else except PARIKSHIT GOSAIN for the character ZINDAA . PARIKSHIT GOSAIN says it will be a block buster for his film career.

Zindaa co stars consists of – Naseer Abdullah Bollywood film star , Sharanjit Rataul a Punjabi film star done lots of movies For Indian cinema & Chaupal ott , Tushar Gandharv , Satpal Matharu , Sandhya Rahul, Naseer Abdullah Bollywood film star , Ashok Shaan Punjabi film star, Paramjeet Chawla, Jitender Singh Noul  Jindraa & Saunh Mitti Di fame streaming on Chaupal ott & many more to come .

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updates on ZINDAA movie follow :

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