Embassy of The Republic of Belarus and Leading Medical Experts Collaborate to Boost Medical Tourism Between India and Belarus

New Delhi, [06 December 2023] – In a landmark meeting today, Dr. Neeraj Kaushik, Chief Advisor of Simladent and esteemed Marketing Consultant, presented his latest masterpiece, “Healing Horizons,” a book on Medical tourism in India co-authored with Dr. Vivek Gaur, Chief Implantologist at Simpladent, to His Excellency Mr. Andrei RZHEUSSKY, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to India. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Anuj Gaur, CEO of Simpladent, Dr. Aslam Parvez Azad, CEO of Arise Hospital & Saras Rescue, and Dr. Manika Kaushik, Chief Consultant of Kaushik Acupuncture.

The occasion marked a significant step towards fostering collaborations between India and Belarus in the burgeoning field of medical tourism. The high-profile gathering, which included luminaries from the healthcare and business sectors, highlighted the potential for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Dr. Neeraj Kaushik, a distinguished figure in the healthcare industry, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration’s potential impact on boosting medical tourism between the two nations. He stated, “Our book delves into the vast potential of medical tourism in India, and we are honored to have presented it to His Excellency, Mr. Andrei RZHEUSSKY. The discussions were not only enlightening but also paved the way for exciting opportunities to strengthen ties between India and Belarus in the realms of healthcare and beyond.”

The book, a collaborative effort between Dr. Kaushik and Dr. Gaur, explores the multifaceted landscape of medical and dental tourism in India, offering insights into the country’s healthcare infrastructure, advancements, and the diverse array of services available to international patients. Dr. Vivek Gaur, renowned globally for his expertise in Immediate loading dental implants, brings a wealth of experience to the book, making it an invaluable resource for anyone interested in exploring India as a medical tourism destination.

The meeting with Ambassador RZHEUSSKY extended beyond the book presentation, evolving into a dynamic discussion on ways to promote medical tourism and enhance bilateral engagements in the healthcare sector. Ambassador RZHEUSSKY emphasized the need for increased collaboration, particularly in medical and dental tourism, as well as broader health sectors, including medical education opportunities for Indian students in Belarus.

Mr. Anuj Gaur, CEO of Simpladent, echoed the sentiments of collaboration, saying, “Simpladent is committed to providing world-class dental care, and we see immense potential in collaborating with Belarus to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions to international patients. This partnership aligns with our vision to make high-quality healthcare accessible globally.”

Dr. Aslam Parvez Azad, CEO of Arise Hospital & Saras Rescue, added, “The discussions today mark the beginning of a new chapter in medical tourism. Collaborations between India and Belarus can lead to the exchange of best practices, technological advancements, and enhanced patient care.”

Dr. Manika Kaushik, Chief Consultant of Kaushik Acupuncture, emphasized the holistic approach to healthcare collaboration. “Integrating alternative medicine into the dialogue opens up new avenues for comprehensive patient care. We are excited about the potential for combining traditional and modern healing practices.”

The collaborative efforts discussed today are poised to strengthen the ties between India and Belarus, creating a robust framework for promoting medical tourism, fostering innovation, and enhancing healthcare accessibility for individuals across borders.

As the discussions concluded, plans for future engagements were outlined, including joint ventures, knowledge exchange programs, and promotional campaigns to showcase the excellence of medical services available in both nations. http://www.simpladentclinics.com, , http://www.drkaushik.in, http://www.drnkaushik.in ,http://www.arisehospital.com,


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