Varunavi Foundation Launches Mission to Provide Free Technical Skills Training to Empower Individuals in India and Beyond

Varunavi Foundation, a registered NGO under the Section 8 Companies Act, 2013, announced today their mission to provide computer skills training to individuals in India and globally. Headquartered in Karnataka, India, the foundation is dedicated to empowering migrants and marginalised locals by offering free and equitable access to digital education.

With the goal of computer literacy and inclusion, Varunavi Foundation aims to equip learners with high-quality coding and basic computer courses. In addition to the technical training, the foundation provides a unique career and mentorship program, enabling collaboration opportunities with tech companies, startups, and industry leaders.

“We are committed to making a meaningful impact in bridging the digital gap,” said Shilpa Papanna, Managing Director of Varunavi Foundation. “Our vision is to empower individuals with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital age, opening doors to economic growth and personal development.”

Through their partnerships with local communities, Varunavi Foundation believes in the power of education to uplift individuals and enable them to provide services and earn a livelihood from the comfort of their homes. By leveraging technology and fostering digital literacy, the foundation aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure equal access to opportunities.

“Our aim is to provide our learners with valuable digital skills, a growth mindset, strengthened career skills, and a strong network of tech professionals to help create new opportunities for all,” said Shilpa Papanna, Managing Director of Varunavi Foundation.

Varunavi Foundation is a certified non-profit NGO with 80G and 12A certifications, ensuring transparency and accountability in their operations. Through their programs, the foundation seeks to empower individuals to become active contributors to society and attain self-sufficiency.

With a team of industry experts and dedicated professionals, Varunavi Foundation offers comprehensive training modules that cater to learners at different skill levels. By combining theoretical learning with practical applications, the foundation aims to provide an immersive and engaging learning experience.

For more information about Varunavi Foundation and their programs, please visit their website at and for donations email –

About Varunavi Foundation

Varunavi Foundation is an NGO registered under the Section 8 Companies Act, 2013, working towards computer literacy and digital empowerment. Headquartered in Karnataka, India, the foundation provides free and equitable access to digital education for migrants and marginalised locals. By offering high-quality coding and computer courses, paired with mentorship programs, Varunavi Foundation aims to equip learners with valuable digital skills and create new opportunities for growth and advancement.


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