Miss & Mr. Meq 2022 [ Grand Finale 


The show was directed and organised by the world record holder for World’s Youngest Pageant Coach Mr. Mukul Phate, The competition was appreciated and judged by Rajnish Singh Rathore (Mr. Teen INDIA 2018) & Bhavika Dharod (Entrepreneur)
Chief guests for this magnificent event was Mr. Niranjan Dawkhare (Member of Maharashtra Legislative Council), Mr. Mannoj Chawla (Vice-president of Bright Outdoor Media)

Winners of Miss & Mr. Meq 2022 (season 1) –
Miss. Devika Nayyan (MISS MEQ 2022)
Mr. Rahil Siddique (MR. MEQ 2022)


Guest list : – Mr. Ramesh Ambre (BJP), Mr. Nikhil Budjade (Tembhi Naka Branch Head – Balasahebanchi Shivsena), Mr. Swanand Pawar (Head of Sub-Division, Tembhi Naka – Balasahebanchi Shivsena)

The occasion had the radical concept of having rid of any obstacles that positioned a barrier among boys and girls. The splendor competition has carved out a super area withinside the global of bling and glamour way to its sincere and honest regulations.

Miss & Mr. Meq Meliminated the idea of height restrictions or bars and eliminated all barriers and restrictions from the competition. Many undiscovered Indian artists now have access to major stages like Bollywood and beyond because to Miss & Mr. Meq. Miss & Mr. Meq’s fairness and openness are becoming well-known for their accommodating and reasonable criteria and conditions. Through the Miss & Mr. Meq platform, many young talents are paving the route to a great career in the glamour and beauty industry.

Each competitor grows and improves through a personalised training regimen created to provide each competitor the skills necessary to rule the fashion and beauty sectors, all under the leadership of world record holder Mukul Phate. The training programme would be beneficial to the contestants both during and after the competition as they built their professional lives.
Many young adolescents between the age of 16 and 30 took part in Miss & Mr. Meq in season 1.

Social Media Links

Meqindiaorg – https://instagram.com/meqindiaorg?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Meq Productions – https://instagram.com/meqproductions?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Mukul Phate – https://instagram.com/mukulphate7?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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