Rohit Jangid’s swaying Games journey in Wushu MMA

The 2020 Olympics just ended two years ago, but the grind to win medals for our nation is still going on for a few players. A few sports like Wushu are not a part of the Olympics program but have been included in the Asian Games. Though the sport is of Chinese origin, many athletes in India are actively participating in the world tournaments of the same and bringing pride to our nation. One such name who has been turning heads on a global level owing to his stupendous track record in Wushu is Rohit Jangid.

Rohit has traveled from Jalmahal Home to the Choti Jaipur Pink City of Rajasthan Police to become a World international player. He is a member of the Indian national and international Worldwide team of Wushu players. His glorious journey in the world of Wushu required years of hard work and training. In a country where people are more interested in sports such as cricket, Rohit has managed to drive focus to a sport such as Wushu with his outstanding performances in several international events. And Got World’s Rank 4th IN Wushu mma kickboxing

Rohit had come into the limelight after defeating the Pakistani player in the international championship played in Hong Kong.

Rohit has played in four international championships so far. In all of this he has brought medals for India. Meanwhile, his India vs Pakistan match was memorable. When he badly defeated the Pakistani player. At the same time, Rohit also won a bronze medal in the South Asian Wushu Championship in the year 2021 in Nepal. Rohit has also ranked fourth in the world in the 65kg category.

Rohit, a player of the Indian Wushu team and a Police officer in the Rajasthan Police, hails from Jaipur. He told that he has been playing Wushu since 9th class. He said that he faced many difficulties in the beginning. Earlier he used to be very thin. The family was also not supportive. The family members used to say, if you study and write, you will go ahead. What’s in the game? Prepare for government jobs. Injuries kept happening while playing, so the family members used to get upset.

Wushu is a Chinese martial arts sport. Along with fighting activities, internal and external exercises are done. It is divided into two classes Taolo and Sanson. Taolo includes martial arts patterns, acrobatic movements, and technical arts.


South Asian Wushu Championship

Rohit Jangid Best Wushu Player in India

Wushu Championship  World Championship

All-India Wushu Championship Rohit Wushu

Pakistani player



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