Mr. Jagmeet Sohal : tremendous political researcher , advertiser , behaviour analyser & feeder of the Snoopy Minds.

“Every vote counts!! By voting, we lend our voice to the chorus that shapes our opinions and the basis for actions” Slogan all around the corner whenever the elections commence. Who might not be curious to know their probable leader? I think 90% of the population is there to feed our inquisitiveness we have several election result predictors and one of the most accurate predictors we have from Punjab is JAGMEET SOHAL.

This man being a campaign manager from the Firozpur district of Punjab is not just an ordinary predictor but has a well-defined plan of action. Concluded with political research, he analysed the behaviour patterns of voters and then predicts the next leader and as per his last stats, his accuracy was worthy of great appreciation. 2022 Punjab election, as per him Aam Aadmi Party was destined to win. Eventually, The Aam Aadmi Party gained a strong 79% majority in the sixteenth Punjab Legislative Assembly by winning 92 out of 117 seats.

AAP Punjab convener and MP Bhagwant Mann were sworn in as Chief Minister on 16 March 2022. Mann’s ministry was formed with 10 cabinet ministers on 19 March 2022. This man’s glorification doesn’t stop here, he has initiated his foot in the field of digital marketing and has his own company named “PROMOTION CLICK” where his presence is not just as an election campaigner or behaviour analysis but as an advertising and marketing champ too.
He has left no stone unturned in any field of political research. His achievements and accuracy in his work have proved the famous saying that ” Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress and working together is success “.


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