Almas Soni, Educationist and CEO of Alroz Aviation, Lauds Aheli Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition for a Wonderful Shopping Experience

Almas Soni, the renowned educationist, CEO and founder of Alroz Aviation, director of Modern International College, and founder of Delhi Fashion Show, was warmly welcomed as the guest of honour by Mrs. Shalu Gupta, the founder of Aheli, at the Aheli Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition held on 13th July at the Hayat Regency.

According to Almas Soni, the exhibition provided a wonderful shopping experience, showcasing the best designs from talented designers and exquisite jewelry. Mrs. Shalu organized the event in a very special way that captivated everyone in attendance. She has been successfully organizing these exhibitions for many years, showcasing the latest trends in fashion and lifestyle.

The Aheli Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition has gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and variety of products. Visitors were treated to a wide range of fashion apparel, accessories, home decor, and much more. The event featured top designers and brands, ensuring that attendees had access to the latest trends and styles.

Almas Soni, being impressed with the exhibition, wholeheartedly recommends her friends, family, and followers to visit Aheli exhibitions. She assures them that they will definitely enjoy the shopping experience and the vibrant atmosphere that Aheli offers. The exhibition provides a unique platform for both designers and shoppers to come together and celebrate fashion and style.

Almas Soni expressed her gratitude to Mrs. Shalu Gupta for extending a warm welcome and granting her the esteemed title of guest of honour. She acknowledged Mrs. Shalu’s efforts in organizing the exhibition with such finesse and success. Almas Soni recognizes the dedication and hard work that goes into creating an event of this magnitude, and she commends Mrs. Shalu for her exceptional management skills.

The Aheli Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition has become a prominent event in the fashion industry, attracting designers, entrepreneurs, and fashion enthusiasts from all around. It serves as a platform for established designers to showcase their latest collections and for emerging talents to gain recognition and exposure.

The success of the Aheli Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition can be attributed to Mrs. Shalu Gupta’s vision and commitment to promoting fashion and lifestyle in a unique and innovative way. Her passion for bringing together the best of the fashion industry has made Aheli a trusted brand among both designers and shoppers.

In conclusion, Almas Soni’s visit to the Aheli Fashion Lifestyle Exhibition was a delightful experience. She was impressed with the exquisite designs, remarkable jewelry, and the overall ambiance of the event. Almas Soni encourages everyone to visit Aheli exhibitions and wishes to extend her special thanks to Mrs. Shalu Gupta for the warm welcome and the privilege of being the guest of honour.


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