Jacko’s Summertime fun Top selling book of author Anshoo Mittal

Jacko’s Summertime Fun: A Season of Adventure and Laughter

Jacko’s Summertime Fun, written by Anshoo Mittal, is the delightful first installment in the Jacko’s Adventure Series. Set in the vibrant and sunny season of summer, this enchanting tale follows Jacko, Molly, and Timmy as they embark on a series of playful and heartwarming adventures.

The Setting

The story is set in a picturesque town during the peak of summer, where the days are long, the sun shines brightly, and the air is filled with the promise of fun and excitement. The town comes alive with vibrant colors and lively activities, making it the perfect backdrop for Jacko and his friends’ adventures.

The Plot

In Jacko’s Summertime Fun, Jacko, a curious and imaginative young boy, is determined to make the most of his summer vacation. Joined by his loyal friends Molly and Timmy, they set out on a series of delightful summer activities. The trio enjoys nature hikes through lush forests, engages in playful water balloon fights, and savors the joy of a relaxing picnic under the sun. Each activity is filled with laughter and the thrill of discovery, making every day a new adventure.

The Characters

Jacko: The energetic and inventive protagonist who leads his friends on exciting escapades.

Molly: Jacko’s best friend, known for her creativity and love of nature. She often comes up with imaginative ideas and helps solve problems with her resourcefulness.

Timmy: The group’s adventurous spirit, always eager to take on new challenges and explore the unknown. His enthusiasm and bravery inspire his friends to step out of their comfort zones.

Together, they discover the joys of teamwork, the value of friendship, and the simple pleasures that make summer so special. Whether they’re trekking through scenic trails, splashing each other with water balloons, or enjoying sandwiches and stories at their picnic spot, their adventures are filled with laughter and learning.

Overwhelming Response

Jacko’s Summertime Fun has received an overwhelming response from children and their parents. Young readers have been captivated by the charming and adventurous story, while parents have praised the book for its engaging narrative and positive messages. The playful summer activities and the vibrant characters of Jacko, Molly, and Timmy have resonated deeply, making this book a beloved favorite among families. Feedback has highlighted the book’s ability to bring the joys of summer to life, sparking imagination and creating cherished memories for its readers.

Themes and Takeaways

Jacko’s Summertime Fun emphasizes the importance of imagination, friendship, and the spirit of adventure.  

As the first book in the Jacko’s Adventure Series, Anshoo Mittalintroduces young readers to a world of endless possibilities and encourages them to embrace the joys of summer.  

Through the adventures of Jacko, Molly, and Timmy, readers learn about the excitement of outdoor play, creativity, and the strong bonds formed through shared experiences.


Jacko’s Summertime Fun is a charming and uplifting read that brings the magic of summer to life.  

Anshoo Mittal’s delightful storytelling makes it a perfect book for young readers to enjoy during their own summer holidays, sparking their imagination and inspiring them to create their own adventures.  

This book sets the stage for more fun-filled adventures in the upcoming Jacko’s Adventure Series.

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