Yuvraj S Singh : A cinema Virtuoso

In a world of ever changing cinema Yuvraj has held on with simplicity and perfection, his work has stood out and has kept a simple under stated profile. It’s difficult to keep grounded after the astounding cinema success yuvraj has had also discussing his latest hit/trending track Fakir, discussing with him..

Q you keep an effective working style mixed with a glam life?  Haha smiles yuvraj I keep a film makers attitude stardom is infectious and can mislead you… Q why did u come out with different content ? Well I feel this a time to experiment traditional with conventional cinema is subjective should be authentic! Wow that’s an answerQ )what’s your cinema plan? Well a few films few songs let’s see interesting 2 years ahead… yuvraj has many hits coming again with many parts in films, audio music videos.. singhs brilliance as an actor is hugely respected in the industry and wwith massive hits like Qismat and now fakir,he hasa been involved with over 7 surprise hits. Q)They call u Prince of Punjab/qismat connector etc. how does it feel? Smiles yuvaj hehe yes I feel elated sometimes but the fact is, it’s added some more surprise elements to be added … Q)you have a huge female liking for your movies,, how do you handle it? Well here it is .. my movies have spoken about true love,fakir is also a love  song that has hit Punjab in a big way… so frankly sometimes it’s quite overwhelming. . What are we expecting next from the Prince? Yuvraj smiles and says few movies and few videos are on the way… sips his coffee with effortless ease….

yuvraj is a force in Indian cinema from various projects in Hindi,punjabi and south.. eager to see his new super hit project. He has won over 20 awards in film making from Filmfare,ptc,zee awards to name a few. His talent is unique and the industry needs to always watch out for this maverick actor/producer  who is busy preparing for his movie in USA and working on his audio channel Rage Audio


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