Bobby Aujla is a famous lyricist and video director from Punjab

Bobby Aujla is a famous lyricist and video director from Punjab. He was born on 30-09-1998 in the village of Surkhpur, Kapurthala. Bobby Aujla not only rules the world with his hard work but also the hearts and minds of all the artists in the Punjabi industry.

Bobby Aujla has reached great heights with his hard work. According to the source, it has been revealed that Bobby Aujla is preparing his new songs in Canada. Bobby Aujla is also going to sing with Gary Sandhu. Aujla Music owner Bobby Aujla says that his hard work has started now. He doesn’t consider himself a star Punjabi singer and actor Bobby Aujla is coming into discussion day by day, his songs have settled in people’s hearts completely, and he released two of his films a while ago, which got a great response from people. So he will come up with more new projects soon.

Sources have learned that Bobby Aujla has been working on his upcoming songs for a long time. He has gone to Canada and America to shoot his songs. If we look at the post on his Instagram and Facebook, then we get to see the caption of the post is very long. He was asked about it in an interview and he told that there was someone whom Bobby Aujla loved very much but he is no longer in Bobby Aujla’s life.

Bobby Aujla also told that he will release all the projects he has signed and will become Sardar after that. After hearing this, Bobby Aujla was given a great response by his fans and all his fans sang the songs. Are waiting impatiently


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