Tarun Malhotra is a digital pioneer, founder of Angel Media

Tarun Malhotra is a digital pioneer, founder of Angel Media, and Head of Digital Marketing at his venture. Led with his vision; Making Local Business Growth Affordable, he has helped many local businesses in the home and professional service industries by promoting their business, skyrocketing their sales and leads and conversions to the point where the leads are coming in 24/7 on clockwork. While being the best in his industry in India, in 2021 he expanded his business to an international level and opened a sister venture of Angel Media in Surrey, BC, Canada named Ivan Media Creations which is running successfully and slowly gaining popularity in Canada too.

Through his 2 years of experience before starting Angel media, he has also learned that while each channel has its own set of advantages, they all work best when strategically paired with other channels. That’s why he offers full-service strategies to each of his clients and uses a combination of digital channels to increase visibility, conversions, and revenue. He has been the man behind the successful online marketing and promotion of numerous songs pertaining to the Bollywood industry and Punjabi singing industry. Many esteemed Punjabi and Hindi singers contact him for the online marketing and promotion of their songs and content on YouTube and other online platforms.

His thinking is fixated on the power of web marketing and the results it generates for individuals and businesses. He dedicates himself to providing the best tool for online promotions on Youtube, the best SEO strategies, and the best PPC campaigns. He is capable of supporting email marketing, social media, and mobile engagement.

The most lovable aspect of Tarun’s personality is that he’s very straightforward. He doesn’t have a hidden agenda, and he tells it exactly how it is. He is all for actionable advice, and delivers it in spades! His down-to-earth style makes you feel like he is your best friend who also happens to be the best digital marketing guru out there. This leads to a much more authentic experience which leads to higher conversion rates and in the end higher sales.


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