Film maker & producer, ADITYA GUPTA making India proud by releasing their music video & movies

Acting is just a business but with wonders and insight it becomes a creation.  People think being actor is all about glamour and cold cash and fame but being a actor is all about entertaining audience with your good skill, late night rehearsals, learning all aspects of film production.

Aditya gupta

A good movie makes the audience feel like they have journeyed with the character. Similarly Socio production is releasing their short movie QUESTION MARK THE DESTINY on OTT platform. Movie is releasing on 14 February 2023. This movie has already achieved many awards in different film festivals. Movie is based on disease schizophrenia. The story of the movie goes like  a boy who is suffering from schizophrenia and fall it in love with a girl Name ‘Tamanna’. In this movie  Actor is ADITYA GUPTA,  He is multi talented person, He has a talent of singing, acting and story writing. ADITYA GUPTA  is a 20 year boy from Agra , Uttar Pradesh who is recognised as best promising filmmaker by Indian talent film festival and also got a best writer award from one leaf international film festival. AND  LEADING ACTRESS in the movie is  Tamanna  Sharma, their acting will makes you feel like you are journeying the movie in real . And song ‘MERI JAAN’  of the movie QUESTION MARK THE DESTINY  is releasing on  7 February 2023.

Tamanna Sharma

Their previous hit movie QUESTION MARK is also available on YouTube channel Agniwood. Question mark is one of the  best movie made by ADITYA GUPTA . This movie was nominated in chambal international film festival.

The Film is not only about actor and actress but the people behind the camera plays a very big and important role who are known as Directors or Filmmaker. They are the one who edit the script and directs the actor to produce the best film for audience. Directors of the movie QUESTION MARK THE DESTINY is ADITYA GUPTA and VAIBHAV KUMAR SINHA Under their supervision this film has been made. They have made it in such a way that it will make you emotional.  Their talent will let you feel like you have journeyed with the character.



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