FUTURE IS BULK SMS – Is the bridge between you and your customer in danger?

Almost all, if not every business is using messaging as a connecting bridge to its customer. Whether it is sharing important information like OTP, alerts and notifications or sending out promotional messages like offers, vouchers or coupons, messages are used by mega-corporations and small part-time business owners alike.

Rising start-ups and small businesses going major start to opt for bulk messaging as a way to connect to their customers right at the beginning. Not only it helps in customer retention and sales promotion but it also promotes the overall growth of the firm.

Promotional messaging helps businesses in converting potential prospects into customers and service messaging keeps the customer updated, satisfied and loyal to the brand. This was the standard system. Things were going well until this bridge of connectivity collapsed.

On the last day of February 2019, Indian mobile phone users received comparatively fewer messages. The usual number of messages were sent out but the operators had to block some of them.

The reason was DLT.

A lot of businesses immediately got their DLT registration done and secured connectivity to their customers, but a big portion of them didn’t and they lost the connectivity and therefore their customers. For those who don’t know what DLT is – here you go:

DLT stands for distributed Ledger Technology. It is a block chain registration system mandated by the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) to protect businesses and their customers. According to this, only those entities and telemarketers can send out transactional and promotional messages which are DLT registered.

Some businesses didn’t like this decision as it involved (The average

registration charge of DLT is Rs. 5900) and so they substituted standard messaging WhatsApp messaging and other third-party apps. But they were unable to gain back the same level of connection as they missed out on non-Internet users and people, in general, didn’t like getting business messages on their private social media app.

However, this decision was made by GOI and TRAI for good reason. DLT registration was mandated as a lot of unsuspecting mobile phone users

suffered irrecoverable monetary losses from fraudulent and spam messages.

DLT registration allowed the entities a digital system for keeping and managing the record of sender IDs and templates. Before sending out these messages, the sender ID and templates need to be approved in advance. This is done by a separate team in the respective telecom companies where you get the DLT registration from (hence the charge). This policy has reduced the instances of spamming significantly among mobile phone users.

DLT protects customers but it protects businesses too. If you are a DLT- mandated company, you can use your official template ID (that has initials concerning your company or brand) to send messages and your customers will immediately recognize and respond to you. This preserves the brand of your business and makes promotion effective and well… possible since bulk messaging is simply not possible if you are not a DLT-registered entity.

So, make sure your business and customers are safe and protected and get your DLT registration as soon as possible.

Please get in touch with us at 1800 102 1822 or visit https://www.Smsgatewayhub.com for further clarifications that you might need regarding this. Thanking you once again for your esteemed patronage with Us.


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