Amrita Kochhar recently received the Time’s Women Achievers Award 2023

A moment of honour, pride , joy and victory as  Gallerist Amrita Kochhar Founder of both Nayan Naveli Gallery and NGO Nanak Sai charitable trust  was the recipient of the Times woman Achievers award 2023 .

The award was given to Amrita in Dehradun in an event organised by the Times  Group.

 It was an overwhelming moment receiving the “Times Achievers Award ” by the  Governor of Uttarakhand Sri Gurmit Singh. Amrita said  “ I was indeed overwhelmed and  full of gratitude”.

She claimed that this moment will forever be etched in her heart .

Amrita Kochhar believes in helping the underprivileged. This is what she feels is the key to a meaningful existence when you have something for yourself then the joy of giving  back to  society is what you are meant to do.  Keeping this essence in her heart she went  on to start  Nanak Sai charitable trust  four years ago and was given this award for her  efforts towards social work and her  contribution to   society through her  charitable trust “ Nanak  Sai “

 This trust is named after her late mother Dr Manjit Kochhar  ( who was an eminent doctor ). Amrita feels pride in following  her mothers footsteps. 

Nanak Sai , strives  to work hard for  the underprivileged and  works with slums and  Basti all over Delhi.

It supports and help towards children with diseases.

It was an honour for my NGO to be recognised. This got me to get an award and this is just the start of doing more  good work. This is the beginning of a new Chapter that I want to write and make life’s more joyous and colourful for others.

Having received the award at the beautiful event at Hyatt Dehradun.

Amrita said  it was a joy to  receive  the award along with 45 other women recipients.

Nanak Sai continues to work hard , slow and steady to  help facilitate  resources to those in need.


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