Mayank – A Digital Entrepreneur from Himachal Pradesh

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “geek with a social conscience,” it’s probably because of Mayank Thakur. As a technology enthusiast and entrepreneur, he made it his mission to assist individuals in need by connecting them to information sources that can improve their life. He is from the little town of Solan.

Mayank Thakur
Mayank Thakur

How Mayank Thakur got started in the digital world

Mayank Thakur began his career as a software developer at the age of fifteen. His parents and friends thought he was doing strange stuff on the internet. However, once he began to be paid, people began to believe in online earning.


At the age of 18, he founded Snowhill Digital with his friend Pankaj (No 1 Digital marketing company in Himachal Pradesh ). Real Estate Advertising for Companies, Organizations, and Software Services


Mayank launched another website,, in the year 2021. The website was a Himachal Pradesh informational website.


Mayank founded his first tech-based company, Techforumpro, with her friend Esha Sheikh in 2022. The website assists in researching and providing accurate information about technological products.



Digital venture by Mayank Thakur

Mayank has established a number of successful enterprises, including an online marketplace for home services, an e-commerce platform for real estate firms, and a social media management tool.


Mayank’s most recent venture is a digital marketing firm that assists businesses in expanding their internet presence. Website design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising are among the services provided by the company.


Mayank is passionate about assisting small businesses to achieve internet success. He believes that everyone should be able to use the internet and that every business should have a strong online presence. His objective is to make digital marketing affordable and accessible to organizations of all sizes and budgets.


Mayank’s firm has assisted hundreds of businesses in expanding their internet presence and reaching new clients. His clients range in size from tiny businesses to multinational corporations.


What distinguishes Mayank Thakur from other internet entrepreneurs?

Mayank Thakur’s ability to think outside the box and come up with inventive solutions to issues distinguishes him from other digital entrepreneurs. He is constantly seeking for new and imaginative ways to expand his enterprises and reach out to new clients.


Mayank Thakur believes in the potential of social media and content marketing as well. He has used these technologies to tremendously increase his company. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on his social media sites, and he has used his platform to promote his businesses and products.


If you want to work with a digital entrepreneur who can help you expand your business, Mayank Thakur is someone you should definitely consider.


Mayank Thakur’s idea for digital entrepreneurship in the future

He envisions a future in which digital entrepreneurs may share their ideas and goods with individuals from all around the world. This would enable a more open and linked society in which individuals may learn from one another and collaborate to generate new opportunities.


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