Spodenet is an e-learning platform that provides Skill Development Courses related to Entrepreneurship and Digital Growth.

About Spodenet

Spodenet provides Skill Development Courses related to Entrepreneurship, Career, and Business Development. It also provides training to earn with the help of social media. With the focus on providing e-Learning courses to its customers, Spodenet also provides them an opportunity to become an affiliate with Spodenet and earn commission on the promotion of courses available on its platform. It is also an Affiliate Network that connects experts from different fields with the people and customers who want to learn from their courses and training.

Legal Name:- Spodenet
Official:- Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Indian
Founded:- 1 January 2022
Legal certificate:- GST, MSME, ISO CERTIFIED
Award function:- 2 times in the year
Trips:- 2 National and 1 International Trips
Join people in spodenet:- 5000 people


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