The Inspiring Rajputana Youth Icon: Rajkumar Sohilrajsinhji Vala and His Charismatic Influence on Millions in India

Sohilrajsinh Ji comes from a family which is one of the most influential Rajput families of Gujarat. He is a well-known personality among youth and he influences millions of people of India with his Charm personality. You can guess the popularity of his youth from his Social Media account where he has more than millions of followers. ” Rajput” is not just a word, it is a symbol of a thriving culture and adventurous spirit. He has a lot of interest in vehicles and at the age of just 23, he has many luxury vehicles like Range Rover, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Mustang, Audi and so many other luxurious vehicles. He also loves to do roadshows, he has been accompanied by many Bollywood celebrities, all his vehicles have single-digit numbers and he also owns India’s second highest bid single-digit car.

Sohilrajsinh Vala Khadol , also known as Shauryaviraditya Vala, is a part of a renowned Rajputana family in Khadol Village. Dist :- Ahmedabad which holds a lot of power. The people of Gujarat call him the “King”. In addition to his noble family background, he is popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook with thousands of followers who are fascinated by his luxurious lifestyle and his participation in charity work. He has an impressive collection of vehicles, including a Mustang, Range Rover, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Wrangler, Audi, and several others, all of which bear single-digit number plates.

He even possesses India’s second-most expensive single-digit vehicle. He has also been seen in the company of various Bollywood stars. He is also involved in several prosperous enterprises & Club.He also owns Skoda Kia motors, Isuzu showrooms, and various other automobile and construction businesses.

Date of birth :- 25 – 12 – 1999

Place :- Khadol

निवास भवन :- अहमदाबाद,गुजरात


Sohilrajsinh Vala Khadol, commonly known as Sohilrajsinh, is a member of Khadol ‘s royal family and renowned for being an entrepreneur, social worker, and social media influencer. He was born in 1999 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and his zodiac sign is Taurus. He studied at Saint Zeviars School Ahmedabad and Gujarat University College. His father’s name is Pravinsinh ji Vala he will be 53 years old in 2022.


5 Million Rupees


Sohilrajsinh Vala Khadol has an impressive educational record, Subsequently, he chose to become an entrepreneur, investing in a number of different businesses like automobiles, Petroleum and Hotels Furthermore, he generously donated to charity and assisted numerous people.

Sohilrajsinhji Vala Khadol is a Descendant of Rajvi L.R Vala BapuSaheb Khadol.He leader of the Rajput community and a social activist from Ahmedabad city in Gujarat. Also, he belongs to a historical royal family. He was born on 25th December 1999 in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state to a royal family Pravinsinhji Amarsinhji Vala and Prafulaba Ji.

Whenever we talk of Rajputana, the first image that emerges in our mind is the history decorated with pride and glory. Even today we can proudly say that some Rajput families have carried this bravery from generation to generation.

The royal manners – “Unity of Royal Culture” Today we are going to tell you about a proud generation and allegiance to their own country and society. Yes, we are talking about Ahmedabad, Taluka :- Dhandhuka , Village Khadol, Gujarat, Kunwar Sohil Raj sinh ji Vala Khadol and his family.

The Dynasty of Sir L.R Vala Bapusaheb Khadol And He gave Birth to One Son Mr. Kalyansinh  Lakhabhai. The L.R Grandson is Amarsinh Ji Vala He’s Birth place is Rojka village, Taluka :- Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad Gujarat. He was married to Mrs Ramba ji. People say that the personality of Shri Amarsinh ji Bapusaheb is very powerful and fair to society. He made every effort for the people of Khadol and its surrounding states during his tenure of 20 years as In Politics. Amarsinhji is a follower of the Kshatriya religion and from this religion, he has published the whole of Gujarat. Big Son of Amarsinhji is a Name of Ghambhirsinh ji .Second Son is Pravinsinhji After Amarsinh ji, his son Pravinsinhji has completely handled all his responsibilities, his name is Pravinsinh ji Vala . He was married to Mrs Prafulaba Ji. He gave birth to Two of the most famous precious gems of Khadol. That is Bhargavrajsinh ji Pravinsinhji Vala  & Sohilrajsinh ji  Pravinsinhji Vala


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