Pioneering the Future of Local Search in Gurugram with Innovative Technology and Customer-Centric Services

Gurugram –, a revolutionary local search engine based in Gurugram, is redefining the way individuals connect with businesses and services nearby. Founded by Amit Kumar Gupta, is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for consumers seeking local business information and for businesses looking to increase their reach and customer base.

Innovating Local Searches with

Drawing inspiration from platforms like Just Dial, enhances the local search experience by integrating state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly interface. “Our objective is to facilitate seamless connections between customers and local businesses,” says Amit Kumar Gupta, Founder and CEO of “We enable effortless discovery of a variety of local services, from restaurants and shops to professional service providers.”

Key Features and Benefits

Broad Database: A diverse range of categories and services.

User-Oriented Interface: Easy navigation for efficient searches.

Verified Listings: Trustworthy and dependable information.

Customer Reviews: Enabling informed decisions with ratings and feedback.

Mobile Accessibility: A dynamic app for searches on the go.

Empowering Local Businesses in Gurugram and Beyond is an essential resource for both consumers and local businesses in Gurugram. By listing with, local enterprises can elevate their online presence, attract a wider audience, and grow their businesses. “We offer a powerful platform for businesses of varying sizes to market themselves effectively in today’s digital world,” adds Amit Kumar Gupta.

Open for Investments – A Top Choice for Investors

As continues its expansion and enhancement of services, the company is open to investments and has already garnered interest from several top investors. Recognized for its potential and innovative approach, is ideally positioned for investors looking to contribute to a high-growth venture in the digital space.

Commitment to Superiority

With plans for introducing new features and expanding its geographic presence, is dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional service and convenience. As a pioneer in the local search sector, the company is set to revolutionize how we find and interact with local businesses and services.


Located in Gurugram, is a leading provider of local search services. Established by Amit Kumar Gupta, the company is committed to linking consumers with the best local businesses and services, propelled by innovation and a focus on customer satisfaction.

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