Environmentalist Anop Bhambu honored with National Pride Award

Anop Bhambu on the World’s biggest mission to save earth,Green mainded in India, has been honoured by the biggest “National Pride Award” at a five-star hotel in Delhi for saving the world from global warming.

Honoured with many prestigious awards of the Anop Bhambu has been country in the past, he has been honoured with many big awards by the District collecter and of many states, Anop Bhambu has been honoured with many prestigious awards of the country in the past, he has been honoured with many big awards by the organisation and Government of many states, recently he was also honoured with the Leadership Excellence Award and the Icons and Trailblazers Award

Anop Bhambu is constantly working to save the earth from global warming and this wonderful mission of his is getting a lot of appreciation this is the reason why he has been honoured with many awards of the country.

Save Earth Activist Anop Bhambu is from a middle- class family of Rajasthan and he is working on the biggest project save trees plant trees India to save the world.

Anop Bhambu was also paid a courtesy visit to Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot . During the meeting, Anop Bhambu informed the Chief Minister save trees plant trees about , and highlighted that the For every year, cutting trees in India is 1million every year, so how it can be reduced and the earth can be saved Plant more trees to save the environment , On this the Chief Minister praised and encouraged him.

“Environment protection is a real threat to the planet and us, and all of us need to ” polluted environmentis a real threat to the us, and all of us need to in every small and big way to find a solution to the challenge,” added Anop Bhambu.

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