Imane Karouach is a Moroccan young lady based in India.

She is a person who has dedicated her life and ideas to the realm of literature.
She is a driven thinker with a wide range of literary perspectives.

Her narrative talent and the twists she adds to each screenplay book captivate the audience, and her stories are designed to seduce readers with a true touch hidden within the world of fiction.

She is a writer who sees things in unusual ways, and her goal is to publish more scripts, books, and novels with positive themes that may effect positive change.

Imane Karouach is presently concentrating on expanding her literary career, and she is working on a number of screenplay novels that will be published in the near future.

Her debut screenplay book, A Film Narration, is available on Amazon, Kindle, and the Google Play Store.

A Film Narration book is about a female writer who is working hard to pitch and push her scripts to be produced into films, but it is not an easy process until this female writer makes a risky abrupt turn that will lead her to finally fulfill her writing aspirations.


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