In Conversation with Author Mudit Pathak

Book Name – Once A Fellow, Always A Fellow Publisher – Rosewood Publications.
1. How many books have you written and which is your favorite? Ans:- Till date I have written 3 books. My favorite book is KHWAISH till date because it’s very close to my heart as it has my heart. 2. What part of the book was the most fun to write? Ans:- So the part where we met with our Peers offline was most fun to pen down those memories in the book. 3. If you’re planning a sequel, can you share a tiny bit about your plans for it? Ans:- so the second part will be released after 1 year which will contain our whole journey as a Gandhi fellow & Changemaking in detailed form 4. What is a significant way your book has changed since the first draft? Ans:- so it has changed in terms of my understanding towards the writing and more of an editing point of the view. 5. What perspectives or beliefs have you challenged with this work? Ans:- so i challenged the traditional way of just being a career moule, to being with a changemaking mindset. “everyone is a changemaker” Is a very good initiative and vision.. 6. What inspired the idea for your book? Ans:- Changemaking, Art of volunteering, Ashoka organization, Gandhi Fellowship inspired me to write this book to empower the youths. More than anything my vision towards bringing the change by being the change. 7. How do you celebrate when you finish your book? Ans:- i celebrated by congratulating me and all those people who were directly and indirectly involved in writing the book and in my journey. I also told the people aboutt the vision behind writing the book. 8. What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing? Ans:- So i got a piece of advice, that writing should be done with the perspective of expressing and not impressing the readers. Writing with the perspective of delivering quality work is something I prefer. 9.What do you think is the best way to improve writing skills? Ans:- So i am also a beginner and what I felt is by writing on expressions of yours. Write your heart out, proof read it & amend it. 10.Has writing and publishing a book changed the way you see yourself? Ans:- yes it changed the thought process as now I can express in writing form very beautifully, I can express my emotions in the form of writing it. 11.What do the words “literary success” mean to you? How do you picture it? Ans:- so for me literary success means that my emotions reaches to the readers and they get connected very beautifully. 12. Would you share something about yourself that your readers don’t know (yet)? Ans:- so i am a very emotional person who thinks from our heart.


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In Conversation with Author Mudit Pathak

Book Name - Once A Fellow, Always A Fellow Publisher - Rosewood Publications. 1. How many books have you written and which is...

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