Leadership 2023: Empowering Dreams, Achieving Goals

Leadership in 2023 is not about position and titles, it’s about how you help unshackle dreams & desires of others, and assist them achieve their goals.

The most revolutionary businesses are being created or launched in the wake of the pandemic and will continue to make a significant impact for years to come. To meet these challenges in leadership for 2023 and ahead, higher talents are required.  The willingness of the leadership to adapt during uncharted times ultimately determines whether an organisation will survive or perish.

Throw out your mission statements and “values” lists and focus on what leadership is really all about: leading. In other words, it is your responsibility to transport your group of individuals from A to B. You and your team will undoubtedly encounter obstacles along the way, but as a leader, it is your responsibility to keep everyone moving forward and accomplish the intended goal.

 “He’s a natural-born leader.” He was born to be a leader. These kinds of phrases perfectly illustrate all the problems with the way we now approach leadership. Contrary to popular belief, not all leaders must possess a certain set of personality attributes. They don’t always display a specific talent or aptitude early in their careers. Furthermore, you definitely not required to attend a certain university in order to become a leader.

Traits of Leaders to be effective and learnt in 2023 and beyond….

Flexible leadership: The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly altered the way we work, with many organisations now supporting flexible scheduling and remote work. In reality, by encouraging flexibility and remote work, leaders may help their team members balance professional and personal obligations, which may help them draw in top talent from a wider range of locations across the world.

Also how to Manage Onsite, Remote and Hybrid Work Situations: Flexibility is here to stay, so businesses need to develop new internal systems and process to make sure their transition to hybrid working is successful and getting work done with the aid of managers who can carry it out.

Remote Collaborative leadership: An efficient leadership tactic that can result in better outcomes and more innovation is the act of cooperating remotely with others to accomplish a common objective. Leaders can tap into the distinctive perspectives and ideas of their team by promoting collaboration and teamwork among team members, which results in more innovative solutions and a stronger sense of shared ownership and accountability.

Agility: Agile leaders possess the ability to adapt and respond quickly to change, viewing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow rather than obstacles to overcome. The agile leader can effectively navigate change and help their team members do the same. 

As a leader be energetic and pass the energy to your team: Your task is to persuade your team that a hill is worthwhile, and once you’ve climb it, you must be able to identify another hill that the team will be climbing next. Some members of the team may trip and fall to the ground along the road, but it is your responsibility as the team leader to help them stand up again.

Celebrate wins – Investing an hour of your time to draft a list of each colleague’s special contribution to a big win and sharing it in person the next day – bonus points if you memorize the list by heart.

As a Leader, to be effective, there are two questions that can help guide you on the journey.

The first is: Where are you and your organization at right now? What challenges are you currently facing? To figure this out, the best thing you can do as a leader is to listen, and the best people to listen is your team and more so the impacted stakeholders..

Now that you know where your company is, you’re ready to ask the second question: Where do you want to go? At this point, don’t get stuck in vague mission statements or coming up with a “vision” – these are time-wasting, bullshit approaches to leadership.

Qualities of a effective leader known through generations.

a)Lead yourself by learning to listen, b)Lead others by thinking abundantly, c)Make and keep commitments to get results, d)Attune to change to maintain leadership, e)Cultivate a growth mind-set, f)Develop leadership in others …and g)Provide opportunities to grow, h)Finally show high Emotional Intelligence and  be a problem solver. Finally empowering others should be one of your most important objectives as a leader.

Conclusion: The leadership challenges are constant regardless of the situation, whether it involves a pandemic or any other new difficulties. In fact, leading itself presents the toughest obstacle for a leader. That entails navigating a ship full of passengers to their destination, regardless of how rough the seas become after you set sail..

Leaders need to become experts in why people do what they do if they want to help their people act differently. Ultimately, leadership is about intentional influencing of behavioural change. Leaders don’t influence outcomes; they influence others to act in ways that unleash behaviour change and achieve the desired outcome.

And remember, not only are the Leadership principles outlined here applicable across all fields but also beyond the confines of the office. Authenticity, character, gratitude, and grace are timeless Leadership values that you can practice to become a leader in your department, company, home, and – well – everywhere.


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