The Future Is an Employee Transport Management Software?

The majority of companies worldwide are aware of the kind of stress and anxiety their employees face if they self-commute to work. The ills of routine or hybrid commutes are even more pronounced after the pandemic.

Many companies have already started offering or are in the process of providing free employee transportation service. For this, they are ditching legacy pen and paper-based fleet providers.

Instead, they opt for employee transport management software like an Uber for employee commute.

A Quick Intro to Employee Transport Management Software

Employee transport management software is a digital tool that helps employers manage how their employees get to work. This includes setting the shortest routes, scheduling pickups, drop points, evaluating  from fleet managers, etc.

This sounds like a complicated process, unless you buy employee transport solution software that takes care of everything. This useful digital tool is user-friendly and  makes it easy for everyone, from employees to people in charge of transportation, to manage how they get to and from work.

Through the app, employers can also choose from a number of fleet providers for their employees.

Employee transport management software has a lot of features and functions that make it the way employees will get to work in the future.

Why is the Employee Transport Management System the Future of Staff Commuting?

1. It Will Aid Companies in Reducing Commuting Expenses

Employee transport management software leads to a significant reduction in expenses. This is why employee transport management software will replace pen and paper-based corporate commute systems in real time.

Since this software is automated, it shows more information about billing, distance traveled, and payments made.

Self-scheduling and bulk scheduling are two software features that make sure taxis and shuttles stop at the right places and take the right routes. This keeps fuel from being wasted, which shows up as lower bills on the app’s interface.

They also consider the time and traffic at the time of commute. Where legacy systems charge the highest flat rate, employee transport management software offers dynamic pricing. Employees traveling on set routes will be charged lower fares during off-peak and peak hours.

This saves a lot of money (more than 20%) compared to systems that are done by hand. Lastly, this tool has live tracking and GPS tracking to make sure that drivers don’t take longer routes that cost companies more money.

2. It Will Boost Employee Safety

Once upon a time, companies didn’t do much to make sure their employees were safe inside and outside of the office. More and more businesses are being held responsible for their employees’ safety and compliance, especially if they pay for their transportation.

This shows even more how important employee transportation management software and its many security features are. A good software for managing employee transportation has different SOS, real time tracking and panic buttons and may even require employees to call for help.

It also keeps track of violations of geofences, commute experiences, overspeeding, drivers’ hours of service, and other things to make sure employees, especially women, are safe and get hassle free commutes.

If you want your employees to be happier and safer on their way to and from work, you need employee transport management software.

3. It Will Continue Awarding Flexibility

After a pandemic, hybrid workplaces are the norm, and this way of working will continue in the near future. Companies have found that this is a good way to get work done, but it makes it harder to plan how employees will get to and from work.

Some employees have to go to work every day and need to be picked up from their homes. In these situations, legacy systems fail because they have set routes and rates for pickup. This makes employees much less flexible and makes them less likely to plan unplanned trips to the office.

An employee transport management software will solve this problem as employees can self-schedule pickups from any location at any time. The algorithm will then figure out the quickest way for employees to get to work and pick up other employees. These tools encourage people to share rides in cars and vans, which is also good for the environment.

The Road Ahead

With each passing day, companies realize they need to actively participate in how employees get to work. This is propelling countless businesses to adopt employee transport management software.

Are you looking for one? Manage the commuting needs of a flexible workforce with MoveInSync, a feature rich employee transport management software.

MoveInSync ensures seamless and safe office commutes for employees and administrators, from planning and booking to routing and invoicing.


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