Sumit Kumar Singh: Inspiring Athlete and Founder of DCSE Sports Academy

Sumit Kumar Singh, an accomplished Indian skater and athlete hailing from Delhi, has made remarkable strides in the world of sports. From his early beginnings to his inspiring journey as an athlete and mentor, Sumit’s passion and dedication have driven him to establish the DCSE (Delhi Council Sports of Education) Sports Academy. This article explores Sumit’s personal achievements, his vision for the academy, and the team that supports him in realizing his dreams.

Born on March 24, 1996, Sumit Kumar Singh displayed a natural inclination for skating from a young age. Under the guidance of his father, Mr. Bhrigunath Singh, and the unwavering support of his mother, Mrs. Usha Singh, Sumit embarked on his skating journey at the tender age of seven. Despite his father’s posting in Sikkim, his guidance continued through phone instructions, while his mother diligently ensured Sumit followed his father’s advice.

Practicing at the CPWD Ground in R.K. Puram, Sec-9, Sumit’s commitment to his sport was evident as he engaged in rigorous training sessions from early morning until late evening. His relentless devotion and unwavering spirit led him to win numerous national titles. Sumit’s first foray into national competitions occurred in 2003, and he experienced the thrill of winning his first medal while in the third standard. This initial taste of success fueled his determination to participate in tournaments year after year.

Throughout his journey, Sumit’s perseverance paid off as he garnered two silver medals and one bronze medal in the 2007 tournament. In 2010, he continued to participate in various competitions, further honing his skills and pushing his limits.

On January 26, 2018, Sumit Kumar Singh achieved a significant milestone by participating in his first international world record in free skating. Inspired by his motto, “MERA HUNAR MERI PEHCHAAN” (My Talent, My Identity), Sumit set his sights on representing India in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. However, due to skating not being included in these events, he decided to follow another path that would allow him to pursue his love for sports and contribute to the development of aspiring athletes.

Sumit’s desire to provide opportunities to talented and passionate children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, led him to share his dream with his uncle, Mr. Balraj Singh. Together, they laid the foundation for DCSE (Delhi Council Sports of Education) Sports Academy. The academy aims to train and nurture young athletes, instilling in them the same passion and dedication that Sumit possesses.

Sumit Kumar Singh found steadfast support from individuals who shared his vision for DCSE. Shivam Singh, a graduate from Delhi University with proficiency in computers, became an integral part of the project after Sumit shared his dream in 2017. Shivam’s passion and commitment to the cause played a vital role in making the academy a reality. He actively participated in the registration process, ensuring the success of DCSE.

Another crucial member of the team is Shweta Singh, whose unwavering support and encouragement have been instrumental in DCSE’s growth. Her presence and guidance have proven invaluable, making her a cherished asset to the academy. Additionally, Manish Singh, known for his positive outlook and exceptional leadership skills, plays a pivotal role in building the sports academy. His guidance and trust-building efforts contribute significantly to DCSE’s success.


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