Wowwingsfordreams Presents Queen of Marvad 2023: Celebrating the Beauty and Talent of Marwadi Women in Gujarat

Wowwingsfordreams, an organization led by Preeti Jaiin Bokdia, recently hosted the highly anticipated “Queen of Marvad 2023” competition in Gujarat. The event took place on June 18th at Gajjar Hall in Ahmedabad and saw the participation of 43 Marwadi women from across the state. The competition aimed to celebrate and honor the talent and beauty of Marwadi women.

The contestants showcased their grace and style through various segments. Fifteen participants elegantly walked the ramp wearing traditional sarees, highlighting the cultural richness of Gujarat. Another fifteen contestants donned the royal Rajputi poshak, displaying their regal charm and heritage. Additionally, thirteen women confidently flaunted western attire, adding a modern twist to the competition.

During the conversation with Preeti Jaiin Bokdia, it was revealed that all the talented women were honored with subtitles and presented with momentos and certificates. They also received a one-day online grooming session conducted by Neerja Kalawtia. The winner was adorned with a crown and sash provided by Presha Creations.

The esteemed jury panel consisted of Mr. Veer, Wow Queen of Gujarat, Miss Rajput Khushi, and Neerja Kalawtia. The event was sponsored by Mr. Arpit Desai from Malabar Jewellers, while Mr. Soham Patel, Krushi Bhavsaar, Dimpalji, Mamta Bhavsar, Surkaivalyam Music Classes, S K Investments, The Local Kalakaar, and The Hind Today provided their valuable support.

In the end, the title of “Queen of Marvad 2023” was awarded to Mrs. Seema Soni. Her exceptional talent and grace captivated the judges and earned her this prestigious honor. The event not only celebrated the beauty and elegance of Marwadi women but also provided a platform for them to showcase their skills and talents.

“Queen of Marvad 2023” proved to be a grand success, thanks to the efforts of Wowwingsfordreams and the support of various sponsors and supporters. The event served as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and immense talent present among Marwadi women in Gujarat. It provided a memorable experience for all participants and attendees, leaving a lasting impact on the Marwadi community.


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