A Heartfelt Journey through Love and Tradition – A Review of ‘The Chronic’les Series’ by Vineet Gambhir

‘The Chronic’les Series’ delves into the intricate dance between tradition and modernity, love and practicality, through the life of Abhay Mathur, an Indian boy standing at the crossroads of arranged marriage and personal choice. Authored with finesse, this two-part series explores the essence of companionship, societal expectations, and the quest for true love.

In the first installment, ‘Chronicles of the Arranged Boy,’ the reader is introduced to Abhay Mathur, a young man whose beliefs and convictions regarding arranged marriages are challenged by his own indecisiveness. The narrative gracefully weaves humour into his struggle, capturing the essence of his dilemma. The author, through Abhay’s journey, prompts us to question whether traditional practices still hold relevance in a changing world. Abhay’s character is relatable and endearing, and readers will find themselves both amused and empathetic as he navigates the labyrinth of potential partners.

The second part, ‘Chronicles of the Married Boy,’ propels Abhay’s tale forward as he encounters Kaavya, a mysterious woman who shatters his preconceived notions of an ideal life partner. This phase of the story presents a beautiful contrast to the first part, as Abhay begins to contemplate the possibility of true love outside the confines of societal norms. The chemistry between Abhay and Kaavya is palpable, adding an engaging layer of romance to the narrative. The reader is left eagerly turning the pages, anticipating how their relationship will unfold.

The author’s writing style is engaging and relatable, making the story accessible to a wide range of readers. The balance between introspection and plot progression is commendable, allowing the reader to not only follow Abhay’s journey but also to reflect upon their own perceptions of love and relationships. The cultural backdrop enriches the narrative, providing insights into the nuances of Indian society and its evolving dynamics. It’s a bit like taking a roller-skating class with Aristotle – profound wisdom served up with a side of hilarity. Additionally, the supporting characters are intriguing and helped to further developed to enhance the overall depth of the story.

‘The Chronic’les Series’ is a delightful exploration of one man’s search for love amidst the age-old practice of arranged marriages. Through Abhay Mathur’s journey, readers are compelled to question societal norms, contemplate the role of tradition in contemporary life, and ponder the true nature of love. This series is a heartwarming and thought-provoking read that resonates long after the final page is turned.


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