Streamx Founder,Ayushman Shukla- Affiliate Marketer of Modern India

Ayushman Shukla, the 21-year-old entrepreneur from India is creating a revolution in the world of affiliate marketing. Mr. Ayushman has a unique perspective on how brands should approach today’s consumer, with whom he believes that we are in a state of constant evolution. He uses Facebook  to generate leads for his business and makes intelligent use of  technology in marketing while working to empower other young  entrepreneurs with his knowledge and experiences as an affiliate  marketer. he has helped more than 50 different brands reach their target audience leading them to increase their sales. His approach towards marketing focuses on helping businesses achieve their goals and personalize their technology solutions.He has been involved in various industries including FMCG,BFSI,Automobile,Tourism and Social media. His passion for success has been inspiring many people around him.He is a successful and innovative digital entrepreneur who went from being a student to an employee to Founder within a span of few years.


Ayushman Shukla, the founder of Streamx Digital is an upbeat twenty-one year old entrepreneur. He started his journey as a Data Entry Operator in Sitapur and has a bright future ahead. He has been an entrepreneur since the age of fifteen when he started his own business. He is passionate about technology and social media marketing, which led him to start Streamx Digital in 2022.


Ayushman Shukla created Streamx Digital on the belief that every person has a unique story to tell, and one of his aspirations is to make it easy for people to share their lives through technology. He has done well for himself as an entrepreneur and looks forward to expanding his sphere of influence with Streamx Digital in the near future. When he’s not working, Ayushman enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He enjoys traveling, reading . He has done well for himself as an entrepreneur and looks forward to expanding his sphere of influence with Streamx Digital  in the near future.


With all the inspiration and ideas around us, it is hard to see what is truly original. After all, everyone has seen great ideas before. This shows us how we can harness that influence into something that is truly original He is not just another guy who tried his luck by speaking to crowds, he has been involved in various industries including FMCG,BFSI,Automobile and Tourism. His passion for success has been inspiring many people around him. He is innovative digital entrepreneur.


Streamx is on a path to the better business. They focus on the value of relationships, and they follow a client-centric approach — focusing on one main aspect, which is generating huge revenue for all their clients using social media ads and marketing strategies . They have helped many businesses to grow their revenue using social media campaigns.


For more information please visit – shukla-4b5b2a1b1


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