Abhijeet Bhowmick: The Strays Saviour from Ranchi

Abhijeet Bhowmick from Ranchi, Jharkhand has been working selflessly for the stray animals on the streets of Ranchi since 2018. He has been feeding more than 100 dogs on daily basis and rescuing them to provide medication and creating awareness for the adoption of strays among the public. His work is being admired by many citizens and they donate for the purpose of feeding and rescuing. Working independently for the strays like Dogs, Cat, Monkey, and Horse since 2018 has helped the strays to survive on the streets of Ranchi during covid times.

More than 100 rescues have been done by Abhijeet Bhowmick with the help of veterinary doctors who helped him to provide medication for strays at a low cost.

Funding for the stray feeding and rescues was done him initially but then the awareness among the netizens and citizens helped him to get the regular funds which supported him financially to carry the activities smoothly. Counted as one of the saviors among the Ranchi public. Abhijeet says “Achievement is to feed more, rescue more & aware more.”


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