The Rarest Gem of India Dr. Sinchan Das is under Critical Condition, under Intensive Medical Support

The rarest gem of India, ‘The Think Tank’, Dr. Sinchan Das is suffering from Takutsubo Cardiomyopathy, which is complicated with Myocardial Infarction. Dr. Sinchan is known for his extraordinary researches, heart touching teaching, out of box thinking, sympathetic heart, miraculous treatment & magnetic voice. Dr. Sinchan is not only a name, rather he is the Idol of Boldness, Truth & Knowledge; he is known as the moving library.

On the afternoon, he suddenly complaining of severe crushing headache, breathing distress & palpitation. He is not co-operative at that time & not in sense as well. He is a known sufferer of MI, where he was advised to not taking the stress; but due to his personal life, he got strangulated within the stressful events, where he got some emotional trauma also. on induction, several stressful events revealed by the neuropsychiatrists. The entire nation is now praying to save this ‘Iconic figure of country’. As per the medical bulletin, the cortisol level is very high, a small clot is encountered on his brain, that may be due to the emotional shock, His ECG is very poor. Doctors state that, the emotional setbacks are deep-seated & those need to be solved by those persons; otherwise we might loose the gem.

In the recent pasts, he got repeated insults & injuries also from the several authorities, which have created the background of the disease. Doctors asked the nation to pray for him, so that he can become emotionally stable, which in turn can manage his cardiological health.


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