Alroz Aviation Institute: Leading the Way in Aviation Education in India

Alroz Aviation Institute, headquartered in Delhi, India, has emerged as the premier institution for aviation education in the country since its establishment in 2010. With branch offices in Ghaziabad (UP), Greater Noida (UP), and Dehradun (UK), it has expanded its reach and impact across multiple regions.

Setting itself apart from its counterparts, Alroz Aviation Institute holds the distinction of being the only institute in India to have won three international and four national-level education awards. Recognized as the best Aviation Institute in India, it has also been acclaimed for its excellence in air hostess training and cabin crew education. These accolades validate the institute’s commitment to providing exceptional quality education.

Alroz Aviation Institute boasts several noteworthy approvals from esteemed organizations, including NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), Skill India, Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council, and the Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India. Additionally, the institute has gained recognition from the Council for Vocational Education & Skill Development, further reinforcing its standing in the industry.

The institute offers an extensive range of courses in various disciplines, encompassing aviation, travel, tourism, hospitality, retail, shipping, and business management. Its diverse curriculum equips students with a comprehensive skill set required for success in the industry.

One of the hallmarks of Alroz Aviation Institute is its exceptional placement record. Graduates from the institute consistently secure coveted positions in renowned aviation companies, reinforcing its reputation as a leading provider of skilled professionals to the industry.

Setting itself apart, Alroz Aviation Institute provides practical training opportunities that are unparalleled in India. Students have the unique advantage of training in live aircraft, heliports, airports, and simulators. This hands-on experience enhances their practical understanding and prepares them for real-world scenarios.

The institute’s success can be attributed to its dynamic leadership. Mrs. Almas Soni and Mr. Abhishek Soni, the director and founder, respectively, have been instrumental in shaping the institute’s vision and driving its growth. Their commitment to providing the best education and fostering skill development has positioned Alroz Aviation Institute as the preferred choice for aspiring aviation professionals.

To connect with Alroz Aviation Institute, individuals can reach out through email at or visit their website at For further inquiries, contact the institute directly at 09582309117


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