Beauty is immortal and so is her ‘Shringar’

She is so beautiful. Nor I see any jewel adorning her body nor is she as lustrous as the sun. What I see is her selfless love and sacrifice- that’s what makes her beautiful. Yes, she can be a daughter, mother, sister, or anyone. She serves with utmost dedication when in love. She doesn’t let her tears fall down if that is going to hurt her family.

It is not some kind of exaggeration of the daily chores of a woman. It is the truth that most of them are living with and will continue to live with. When she is a daughter, all she wants is her parents’ love. When a girl dresses up as a bride, she has a million dreams hidden in the threads of her wedding dress. She looks beautiful enough to make her husband crave for a romantic company.

When she is a mother, she has stitch marks on her belly. Her husband may like her stretch marks or not. However, she definitely loves the very first painting made by her baby.

Her responsibilities don’t allow her to spend time in self- grooming. Now she doesn’t put on her husband’s favourite red lipstick. Now she sleeps after her family sleeps as she has to wake up before they do. She has dark circles under the eyes.

She now doesn’t care about her looks. Although her children have now grown up and don’t want their friends to see her, she loves them. She knows they don’t like her simplicity and compare her to other beautiful mommies.

Then comes the day comes when she is on the deathbed, preparing to be cremated. She is now ready with the last makeover of her life. It is the same attire which she had at the time of her wedding.

What else is the significance of her makeover? Find out in the poetry collection written by Neeti Yadav “Shringar- Ek Stri Ka Saundarya” here:



The author Neeti Yadav is a professional content writer. She is an engineering graduate from MIET, Meerut who turned her career path from engineering to writing. She loves to write and will continue writing more. She believes that emotions need not be reflected only through eyes or lips, they can be understood by reading as well.


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