“Super Model of India 2023 YIFW: Where Dreams Soar and Stars Emerge”

The YS International Fashion Week 2023 proved to be more than just a glamorous event; it was a platform where dreams took flight and new stars illuminated the fashion horizon. Organized by YS International Fashion Week, this extravagant celebration of style not only welcomed fresh faces but also included a special category for married contestants, breaking stereotypes and embracing diversity.

In a world where talent knows no boundaries, this event stood as a testament to the power of fashion in elevating aspirations and celebrating the essence of personal style. It was more than just a showcase of garments; it was about creating a legacy of talent that sparkled brilliantly, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Event Details:


– Event Type: Mr and Miss, Mrs, Little Prince and Princess, Mr Teen and Miss Teen SUPER MODEL OF INDIA 2023 AND STATE GEM AWARD 2023


– Date: [08/October/2023]

– Founder and CEO: Yash

– Fashion Head: Hemalatha S

– Marketing Head: SANJAY KUMAR G

Event Team:

– Jury: Rashmi Hegde, Zeeshan, Netharavathi S, Cennagiri Nandhini, Yasmeen, Pushpa M

– Chief Guest: Aniruddha Jatkar, Aruni Ashok, Manjula M

– Guests: Nandini S, Kusuma, Shilpa S, Sushmitha Suna Das, Amrutha

– Emcee: Jijoy

Event Highlights:

– Over 100 celebrities awarded.

– More than 100 models participated in the SUPER MODEL OF INDIA 2023.


– Aniruddha Jatkar

– Jayashree S Raj

– Tanuja Krishnappa

– Prathama Prasad Rao

– Sunetra Pandit

– Jyothi Bantwal

– Sagar Turuvekere

– And many more…

Winners of SUPER MODEL OF INDIA 2023:

– Little Prince: Aarya Naveen (Bangalore)

– Little Princess: Thanya C Gowda (Bangalore)

  – 1st Runner-Up: Shreya Gowda (Bangalore)

  – 2nd Runner-Up: Sadhana SA (Bangalore)

– Little Princess: Kushi CM (Tumkur)

– Mr. Super Model: Rajesh S (Bangalore)

  – 1st Runner-up: Nilesh Bhagat (Mumbai)

  – 2nd Runner-Up: Swaraj Kuttappa (Coorg)

– Miss Super Model: Harshitha D (Mysore)

  – 1st Runner-Up: Angeline (Mysore)

  – 2nd Runner-Up: Deepika P (Mysore)

– Mrs. Super Model: Dr. Shamili Kowsgik (Bangalore)

  – 1st Runner-Up: Mohsina (Bangalore)

  – 2nd Runner-Up: Nandini N (Bangalore)

The Super Model of India 2023 was more than just a runway; it was a journey that celebrated the raw energy of budding talents and the refined elegance of seasoned individuals. It showcased that fashion transcends boundaries and creativity knows no limits.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners who transformed this event into a celebration of style, talent, and dreams. May your journey in the world of fashion continue to be as dazzling as the runway you graced.


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