Introducing The Missing ASTRA of Krishna by Rajat K

“The Missing ASTRA of Krishna” is a captivating blend of ancient history and modern scientific exploration. Authored by Rajat K, this book follows the expedition of a group of brilliant scientists led by Advaita and his team, as they delve into the historical sites of Lord Krishna’s last days in Gujarat. Their mission? To develop a groundbreaking weapon infused with automation, artificial intelligence, and precision, capable of neutralizing any armament without causing collateral damage.

Set in Gujarat, the story takes readers on an expedition through significant locations tied to Lord Krishna’s legacy. The narrative seamlessly weaves together various timelines and characters from ancient scriptures, such as Jara executing Krishna’s instructions, Indradyumna’s quest for a mystical blue stone in Puri, and Arjuna receiving a significant box from Basudeva. These events, set in 3102 BC, coalesce with the present-day scientific evaluations conducted by Advaita’s team on the ancient artifact.

The book intriguingly melds past mythology with futuristic scientific pursuits, as the team meticulously evaluates the artifact’s structure, power source, airborne capabilities, and AI-controlled mechanisms. The vivid descriptions of their explorations and the simulation results of the prototype captivate the reader’s imagination, blending history and technology in a compelling narrative.

However, the team faces obstacles when they are attacked by miscreants during their journey, leading to the loss of crucial documents and equipment. The book skillfully builds suspense around whether they can overcome these setbacks and achieve success in their covert mission.

The book’s strength lies in its seamless fusion of ancient mythological elements with futuristic scientific exploration. The author masterfully connects historical events with contemporary scientific advancements, offering readers an engaging and thought-provoking narrative that spans millennia.

Overall, “The Missing ASTRA of Krishna” is a compelling read for those fascinated by the intersection of ancient history, mythology, and cutting-edge technology. The toggling between space and time creates an immersive experience, making this book a unique and riveting journey through the ages.


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