Meet the Co-Founders of Webyapar Solutions: The Visionaries Behind It

The exceptional journey of Webyapar Solutions is driven by the insightful leadership and vision of its co-founders. Each, with their unique expertise and experience, has contributed significantly to the company’s rise as a key player in the IT and digital marketing industry.

Mihir Barnwal, CEO – The Dynamic Strategist

Mihir Barnwal is the CEO of Webyapar Solutions. His rapid ascent from a Scrum Master to a Project Manager within just two years in his previous role is a testament to his strategic acumen and understanding of diverse business models. Mihir’s dynamic approach and innovative thinking have been central to setting the strategic direction for Webyapar Solutions.

Sachin Kataruka, CMO – The Marketing Maestro

Sachin Kataruka, with his 26 years of extensive experience, is the CMO of Webyapar Solutions. He is the creative powerhouse behind the company’s marketing strategies. Sachin’s profound industry experience and creative insights have been instrumental in crafting strategies that uniquely position Webyapar Solutions in the competitive digital landscape.

Abhishek Bamnote, CTO – The Tech Visionary

Abhishek Bamnote serves as the CTO of Webyapar Solutions. His role as a visionary in technology is vital in leading the development teams towards creating innovative and efficient solutions. Abhishek’s expertise is pivotal in ensuring that the technical solutions provided by Webyapar Solutions are not just current but futuristic.

Synergizing Skills for a Unified Vision

The synergy between the co-founders of Webyapar Solutions is the cornerstone of the company’s success. Together, they blend strategy, creativity, and technical prowess to foster a culture of innovation and growth, steering Webyapar Solutions towards its mission of empowering businesses with advanced IT and digital marketing solutions.

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