Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam Advocate, High Court, Appointed as Legal Advisor for NANCHAKU Associatio of India

Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam Advocate, High Court, Appointed as Legal Advisor for NANCHAKU Associatio of India
[Delhi, India] – The NANCHAKU Association of India is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam Advocate as its esteemed Legal Advisor. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both parties, bringing together Mr. Uttam’s exceptional legal expertise and the federation’s commitment to promoting and advancing the discipline of Nanchaku in India.

NANCHAKU Association of India is a prestigious organization dedicated to fostering the growth of Nanchaku, a traditional martial art form that embodies discipline, skill, and self-defense techniques. As the governing body for Nanchaku in India, the Association is responsible for organizing events, promoting the sport, and ensuring compliance with international standards.

Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam is a highly accomplished and well-respected legal professional, known for his vast experience and proficiency in various aspects of the law. As a seasoned Advocate of the High Court, he has successfully represented numerous clients and organizations across a wide range of legal matters. His extensive knowledge and passion for justice make him an ideal fit for this pivotal role within the NANCHAKU Association.

In his new capacity as Legal Advisor, Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam will play a crucial role in providing strategic legal counsel to the NANCHAKU Federation of India. His counsel will guide the Association in matters related to legal compliance, governance, dispute resolution, and any other legal challenges that may arise during the course of its operations.

Expressing his excitement about the appointment, Mr. Uttam said, “I am truly honored to be appointed as the Legal Advisor for the NANCHAKU Association of India. Nanchaku holds immense cultural and historical significance, and I am eager to contribute my legal expertise to help promote and protect this art form in our country. I look forward to working closely with the Association and its members to ensure a strong legal foundation for their endeavors.”

The President of the NANCHAKU Association of India, Dr. Rohit saxena , also shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam as our Legal Advisor. His impeccable legal track record and dedication to upholding justice will undoubtedly be an asset to our federation. With his support, we are confident in achieving our goals of expanding Nanchaku’s reach and preserving its authenticity in India.”

The appointment of Mr. Ravi Kant Uttam as Legal Advisor signals a promising future for the NANCHAKU Association of India, as it continues to make strides in promoting Nanchaku and fostering the growth of this revered martial art form within the nation.


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