Sardar Manmeet Singh: The Green Man of India’s Unstoppable Environmental Journey

Sardar Manmeet Singh, widely known as the Green Man of India, has become an inspirational figure in the realm of nature activism. Since embarking on his transformative expedition in 2011, accompanied by 17 dedicated companions, Singh has traversed diverse landscapes, witnessing both the beauty of nature and the environmental challenges faced by different regions. Motivated by these experiences, he embarked on a mission to make a positive difference, starting with small-scale plantation drives with his family that spread across 12 states. Singh’s efforts have now blossomed into a full-fledged organization called the Karam Foundation, with the Green India Project at its core.

Planting a Forest of Change:

In 2019, during the 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak, Singh’s passion for the environment led him to visit cities housing Guru Nanak’s temples. This marked a turning point in his endeavors as he planted 550 trees in each location, resulting in a staggering total of over 250,000 trees. This momentous undertaking not only contributed to environmental conservation but also served as a catalyst for connecting like-minded individuals who share a deep passion for safeguarding nature. To manage the growing magnitude of his cause, Singh established the Karam Foundation, giving rise to the Green India Project—a dedicated initiative focused on tree planting and preservation.

Challenges and Collaborations:

As Singh’s ambitions grew, he faced challenges in sourcing plants from the Forest Department due to the scale of his operations. However, his unwavering commitment and determination prevailed, and he established fruitful collaborations with numerous institutions, including schools, colleges, temples, and even popular talk shows like the Kapil Sharma Show. The recognition he received amplified his message and helped garner support for his noble causes. To commemorate the 75th Independence Day, Singh and his foundation undertook a tree-planting drive, planting sets of 75 trees in various locations throughout Bidar. Yet, driven by his ambition, Singh envisioned an even grander plan—selecting 75 cities, recruiting volunteers, and planting 1,000 trees in each urban center.

Bharat ki Pariyavaran Yatra: India’s Environmental Journey:

Supported by the Forest Department, schools, politicians, and other NGOs, Sardar Manmeet Singh’s ambitious initiative, “Bharat ki Pariyavaran Yatra” or India’s Environmental Journey, is set to commence on June 5th, World Environment Day, starting from Kanyakumari. This extraordinary journey will pass through cities like Bangalore, Gulbarga, Mumbai, and culminate in Delhi. Each city along the route will witness the planting of a thousand trees, symbolizing the collective effort to nurture and protect the environment. Singh, an avid bike rider, often joins fellow riders to organize plantation drives, demonstrating his love for nature and the environment. Importantly, he emphasizes that his noble causes are driven solely by his love for nature, the environment, India, and the Earth, devoid of any political or religious affiliations.

Inspiring Change and Encouraging Participation:

Sardar Manmeet Singh, the Green Man of India, continues to sow seeds of change and inspire others to join his mission. Through his tireless efforts and unwavering commitment, he aims to transform the landscape and foster a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world we all share. The Green India Project offers an opportunity for all nature lovers to participate and positively impact both themselves and the country. If Bharat ki Pariyavaran Yatra stops in your city, we urge you to extend your support to Sardar Manmeet Singh and the Green India Project in any way possible.

Sardar Manmeet Singh’s extraordinary journey from Karnataka to Punjab marked the beginning of his unwavering commitment to environmental conservation. Through his Green India Project and the upcoming Bharat ki Pariyavaran Yatra, Singh has galvanized a movement that aims to transform India’s landscape by planting thousands of trees and nurturing a deep connection with nature. His selfless dedication and love for the environment inspire individuals from all walks of life to come together for the betterment of our planet. Let us join hands with the Green Man of India and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


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