How KLORAA – India’s Fastest Growing Sanitary Brand Is Ensuring Sterilized Sanitary Pad Supply For Proper Physical and Mental Health For Girls

Kloraa, a well-sterilized and comfortable sanitary brand that came into existence in May 2021, it has excelled up to selling 3 lakhs packets monthly.

Kloraa’s journey involves innovation in the field of women’s sanitation including sanitary pads which includes features like leak lock and Cramp Comfort technology, odor control, and all-round protection.

Neha Vyas, Founder, and CEO of Suryansh Lifestyle Pvt ltd reveal how effective work in the field of women’s sanitary has assisted them to excel.

 Neha Vyas
Neha Vyas

How Kloraa is expanding pan India.

Menstruation is a natural, normal and healthy part of girls’ and women’s lives, but still many in India face extreme struggles to manage their periods every month. A large number of the Indian population believes this natural cycle to be a ‘curse’ and considers it as an ‘impurity’, courtesy of ancient myths surrounding menstruation in our country. With 35.5 crore females, India has the 2nd highest menstruating population in the world but still the topic of menstruation is expected to be a hush affair and kept under wraps the black plastic bags, which is given to most of us each time we buy sanitary napkins.

When a girl faces challenges in managing her periods in a healthy manner, it can cause several problems to her physical as well as mental health. Not only will she be at risk of infection, but her education, self-esteem, and confidence also suffer in a major way. Kloraa is committed to bringing about a change in this mindset and ensuring proper physical and mental health for girls via their wellness sanitary pad brand “Be Kloraa”.

Kloraa with their highly sterilized and effective sanitary pad is alleviating women’s community with their launched Cramp Comfort (self-heating patch), Foaming Intimate Wash and 1 mm Everyday Liners. With all these effective qualities, Kloraa has become the fastest-growing sanitary pad in India.

This Jaipur-based organization is enhancing female hygiene and sanitary conditions across India, along with significant growth and development of the menstrual hygiene market. Registered in May 2021, Kloraa through its quality and aseptic products has currently reached the trademark selling 3 lakh packets of sanitary pads monthly. For the Social and Economic Development of Women, Kloraa is also conducting numerous CSR-related activities to ensure proper health.


Neha Vyas Chairman of  Kloraa told us that, the chief rationale behind the brand “Kloraa” was to give a new level of comfort to women and increase awareness about menstruation. Also being an MBA, Neha Vyas is a compassionate feminist and pragmatic entrepreneur who with her vast experience of 14 years in sales and marketing of Lifestyle products of women has excelled in the company to a level of sales which is still a dream for many companies.

Sharing her farsighted vision for the brand, Neha Vyas said, “ We envisage building comprehensive solutions in solving real problems and focus on being customer-oriented brand. ”

Presently Kloraa, which is manufactured and marketed by Suryansh Lifestyle Pvt Ltd  is actively present in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, J&K and Madhya Pradesh. The brand has also pioneered a movement to bridge the gap between the 18% of menstruating females in India using sanitary napkins, and the 82% predominantly engaging in unhygienic practices such as old cloth, rags, hay, and even ash, often leading to health issues. Envisaging to develop wide distribution market pan India, Neha, and her prestigious brand Kloraa is working constantly to change the lives of millions of girls in India. Kloraa has set the target of selling 30,00,000 packets monthly and is working progressively towards the common goal.


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