Where vision meets opportunity, TEB proved once again

The Entrepreneurial Board (TEB) of the College of Vocational Studies is among the top 5 E-Cells across India, running as a non-profit organization.

TEB’s primary goal is to provide a platform for students to explore their entrepreneurial potential, develop their skills, and launch their own startups. It is through these events that the students who have a zeal to do something of their own can network with like-minded peers and learn from experienced mentors.
After the incredible success of the first ever Founder’s Meet, which turned up over 50+ collaborations that allowed them to share resources with the ecosystem partners, E-cell partners of over 30 E-Cells, TEB has moved forward towards becoming an umbrella organisation for E-Cells in the Delhi NCR.
After receiving such an overwhelming response and mind-blowing testimonials from the startup founders, investors, and E-cells in the first meet-up, TEB has determined to conduct it more frequently.
Abiding by the commitments and realising the importance of such meet-ups, TEB recently organized the second and upgraded version, “Founders Meet 2.0,” that witnessed 200+ registrations from startup founders across various domains, extending from industries like e-commerce, health tech, food tech, real estate, mental health, and what not!
Going through a process of selection based on particular criteria and onboarding start-ups, the founders joined as an inspiring gathering of visionary minds, utilising the perfect opportunity for founders to connect, network, exchange ideas, and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs driving innovation and change in their industries.
TEB, being one of the leading e-cells in Delhi NCR, moderates an active community of 1k+ startup founders and entrepreneurs with a strong team of 100 members leading and managing everything together, and the list still doesn’t end. TEB has formed alliances with huge firms like Microsoft, AWS, and Zoho and has partnered with IITD and IITB. Another one of the alliances includes AIM Global, which hosts the annual investors’ meet that happens in Dubai every year. This year, TEB will be attending the event in Dubai as one of their community partners and will be representing the Indian startup ecosystem.
Supporting the local economy by creating job creators and driving innovation
Hint: Something huge is coming up super soon.
Stay tuned!


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