How Touseef Panchbhaya aka TigerTeeh becomes a successful businessman in USA America

I would like to share a little bit about my journey, and how I became Tiger teeh and where the hunger to be better and excel at everything I do came from. My name is Touseef I was more December 27 1987 in Gujarat India in a town called Ankeshwar. My whole childhood and early teens I lived there and study in Mumbai India Until 2002. I knew from a young age we would be coming to America, and I always knew school was not for me. I would go because my parents would make me but I never paid attention or liked people telling me what I need to do, I knew in my heart I was born to be a boss.

Funny story as a child people would tell my parents they knew I would be someone important and I would do great things, at the time I did not understand how I would do it or what I would do but I knew it would be big and change people’s life, ive always been a very caring person and have always wanted to help people.

It finally happened the day I waited years for on April 20, 2005 we came to America, As soon as I landed I could see how everything was different and I suffered a big cultural shock. I attended high school for bout 4 months also because I had to not because i wanted too. At the time I was also working at a video store making $5 an hour, I worked there for 2 years and in 2007 I was still working there and also had a part time at the age of 17. My father then referred me to work for a Menzies Aviation company in my case it was Korea Air, handling cargo for the airlines. I was a dock worker from 2007 to mid-2008, and then one day 3 agents from Korean air where really express by my work ethic they offer me a job to work as a Korean Air agent.

I was was happy as no one else was offer that position and I never expected it I just would excel and do my best at anything I did, always have had a strong work ethic. I took the Korean Air agent job and worked it from 2008 to January of 2015. In 2014 I had suffered a shoulder surgery nd I was out of work for a couple of weeks.

Honestly this time being off help me unplug and really remind me what my goals are and what I wanted to do and had a vision of my future. During my 2014 time off from work I started to sell on craigslist, I had no money but knew I would quit my job so I had to do something to earn some money for the time being, finally in 2015 I decided to quit my job and jut focus on my goals.

I started to sell things on craigslist with no experience I would sell supplements. I did not have a lot of money to have a big inventory however I had a good friend of mine who would give me products on credit so I could sell them. Business obviously blossom after time from 2014 until now I started selling one container of protein powder and that went to 100 protein powders qi was selling. I had my eye on the price and I knew this was only the beginning to reaching my goals. Sadly along the road of my success from 2014-2018 I also became addicted to pain killers and would abused them. I had gotten in a real bad car accident in 2014 that left me in a coma for days and part of my recovery when I came out was taking pain killers.

I loved the confidence it gave me and the way it would make me feel. I was still hustling  and selling my supplements however I was also battling my own drug addiction which thankfully Is behind me and I overcame it.  After 2 years of selling supplements I invested my money and started my own clothing brand something I always envisioned o have the famous Kardio Matters stylish  gym wear brand. I have always been into style and being a person that love the gym but likes to look good I knew 1i had to come up with something stylish yet comfortable enough to wear at gym. I started Kardio matters in 2016.

My appetite grew bigger and bigger and my goals became bigger as well and I knew I would do what1ver I needed to do to reach my goal an not let anything or anyone get in the way of that. I have sacrificed a lot, but it all has been worth it hard work pays off and all the setbacks lead you to your destiny. As of right now I am working on my second clothing brand Tigerteeh fitness clothing brand to spread motivation and show you that just because you come from a small village where the technology is not the best broken beds not a lot of doctors does not mean you cant become a TigerTeeh anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I am here to continue to motivate people and help them reach there goals this is only the beginning of the TigerTeeh saga stay tuned.






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