Meet GANESH KHATRI, the self-made digital entrepreneur and founder of Digicize

In the quickly expanding modern world, GANESH KHATRI also recognised the value and necessity of digital marketing.

In the area of digital marketing, GANESH KHATRI is one of these young people who is revolutionising and producing new advancements. As a digital marketer, he established the company “Digicize” in the online space. Based on his digital strategies, GANESH KHATRI built this company, which is currently one of the top ones in the online space and will rank among the biggest in the world when it comes to digital businesses. His expertise includes bringing Internet concepts and digital technology that will significantly boost his clients’ online presence and assist them raise the value of their brands.


18-year-old GANESH KHATRI is a B.Sc. student. Over time, GANESH KHATRI, a student at MGSU University Bikaner’s Dungar College, learned enough about the various ways that internet media function, and he soon founded his own information technology company, Digicize, in the online world. His knowledge of digital marketing is growing more and more in demand daily, and with his business, Digicize, he has assisted numerous businesses in expanding through the use of their effective, results-driven strategies and tactics. As India’s top digital marketer and consultant, GANESH KHATRI’s entrepreneurial journey has advanced significantly from that of the typical digital marketer. With his talent and approach, GANESH KHATRI made a splash in the digital industry. The current marketplace with the fastest growth is the digital.


In addition to being a specialist in the digital market, GANESH KHATRI has established his company, Digicize, as the world’s leading digital business entrepreneur. Together, they and business owners have developed methods and skills to make their work easier. He continues to occupy a prominent position in the fields of marketing, branding, and web development in addition to being an expert in the digital market. In the quickly expanding modern world, GANESH KHATRI also recognised the value and necessity of digital marketing. He also thought that people should always give back to society so that the less fortunate can receive aid. Due to the good effects of their work on the digital world and the growth of the country, young entrepreneurs have become role models for younger generations.


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