Operations can be very complicated and pain giving but in today’s time it has become very convenient and less painful for the patients with the help of laser surgeries. Lets meet Dr. Ajay Agarwal, he is a person who is having experience of performing more than 5000 successful surgeries in a short span of time. He is M.B.B.S,M.S (GEN.SURGEON) , MINIMAL INVASIVE PROCTOLOGIST,LASER AND LAPROSCOPIC SURGEON.

Laser  surgery of the anorectal region like piles , fissure,fistula, pilonidal sinus, circumcision done by diode laser of 1470 nm.laser surgery is boon for patient as it helps patient recover fast ,less pain  and early return to work  . This is one of the factors that people are choosing laser treatment now a days.  Laproscopic surgery done by making small incision in abdomen and with help of camera vision surgery performed , it becomes easier to operate many abdominal surgeries like appendix, gallbladder stones, and even hernia can be treated with laparoscopy. So, what is the benefit of laparoscopy surgery? It’s simple, the wound and the cut will be very minor. So, therefore there will be very less pain, and recovery will be faster.

Know more about Dr. Ajay Agarwal:

Dr Ajay Agarwal is currently working in Jaipur, Rajasthan as a minimal invasive proctologist,laser and laproscopic surgeon. He is a young, versatile and dynamic personality. He completed his senior residentship from SMS HOSPITAL JAIPUR ,did his fellowship in laser surgery for piles , fissure, fistula and laser circumcision from Bangalore and Chennai. With all his efforts and hardwork in life till date he has a record of treating complicated ,repeat/recurrent ,high,fistulas by laser , with almost 100% success rate. He successfully resolved so many complicated cases and is well known for his excellent capabilities.

Becoming a surgeon is not an easy task and that too at such a less age. His hardwork and positive attitude makes him one of the successful surgeons. Having such a dedicated doctor with the experience of a number of surgeries is a blessing to this industry.

Clinic name – The advance laser PILES clinic – Dr. Ajay Agrawal | Best Laproscopic surgeon in Jaipur | Best laser surgeon | Best Circumcision Doctor

Gmap- The advance laser PILES clinic –  https://g.co/kgs/qoFsGj

Call for appointment – 077200 44008


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