“Wow Wings for Dreams Presents: A Spectacular Finale of Open Mic and Beauty Pageant 2023”

On the 17th of December 2023, the Nishal Centre’s venue was buzzing with excitement as Wow Wings for Dreams presented the grand finale of their Open Mic and Beauty Pageant. The brainchild behind this extravagant event is none other than the passionate and visionary organizer, Preeti Jaiin Bokdia.

During the finale, it was revealed that 15 talented contestants had participated in the beauty pageant, each vying for the prestigious crown. The grooming for the pageant was skillfully conducted by Mr. Yash Thorat, ensuring that the participants were at their best for the final showdown.

The esteemed jury for the beauty pageant consisted of Neerja Kalawtia, Mr. Sunny Jain, and Dr. Neha Patel. The crowned winner would be adorned with the prestigious Presha Creation crown. The anticipation was palpable as the audience eagerly awaited the results.

Simultaneously, the Open Mic finale was set to captivate the audience’s hearts. The judging panel for the Open Mic event comprised the talented individuals from Surkaivalyam Music Classes – Mr. Joy Sir, Parth Pandya, and Krushi Bhavsaar. The entire show was orchestrated under the expert direction of Mr. Soham Patel.

Yoga tips were seamlessly integrated into the grooming sessions, courtesy of Dimpal, a renowned yoga therapist. The event garnered support from sponsors, with investments from S.K. Investments, represented by Sarika Chhapgar, and the charming Mantu Halder took the stage as the anchor.

Media coverage was a crucial aspect of the event, and The Hind Today and The Local Kalaakaar played pivotal roles as media partners. Dance performances were evaluated by the esteemed jury, with Dhwalin Sukla, Shubhrika chorasia at the helm.

The main guests for the evening included luminaries such as Charmi Bhavsar, Mamta Bhavsar, Manish Bhavsar, Bharat Modi, Anita Rawat, Nikhita Keshawani, Foram Haldar, Montu Mistry, Rupal Mistry, and the event was beautifully captured by the lens of Chintan Mehta.

Special guests included Prem Gada, Sachin Bhatt, Shubhrika chorasia, who added an extra layer of grace to the occasion. The winners were not only showered with applause but also received extensive media coverage, a prestigious momento, certificates, sashes, and the alluring crowns, thanks to Presha Creation. The gifts, a crucial part of the celebration, were sponsored by Kaynat Lipstick.

The proud winners of the beauty pageant were Madhu Prajapati, Hitesh Pawar, Chintu Kapoor Mistry, Teena Varma, Darshan Raj, Kautilya Bokdia, Krishna Sharma, Pavan, Arjun Goswami, Riddhi Patel, Dhruti Tapali, Praachi Davey, Nancy Khatri, Sharvesh Rajput, Darshan raj, Trisha Soni, and Kiran Parmar. The event was a testament to the talent and dedication of the participants, and Wow Wings for Dreams left an indelible mark on the hearts of all those who attended the grand finale.


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